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SilverHelme rules

  • All camps should be conducted in accordance with normal Scouting standards.
  • Silverhelme is a biological heritage site ‑ wood piles that are marked with a yellow post & ‘do not use’ sign are habitat piles & must not be disturbed.
  • Please also note the areas of the site where wood must not be gathered.
  • Trees or bushes must not be cut or damaged.
  • Fires are only allowed using the altar fires provided.
  • Ground fires are only allowed in the designated backwoods cooking area.
  • Backwoods shelters must not be built, but survival shelters using plastic are encouraged.
  • Digging of waste pits is prohibited.
  • Non-burnable rubbish should be bagged & placed in the skip by main gate.
  • Do not climb any walls or fences.
  • Toilet block to be left in clean condition after use.
  • No dogs allowed on site.
  • All vehicles must be left on car park at all times unless loading or unloading.
  • All groups must carry basic First Aid requirements.
  • Caravans/Mobile Homes etc are prohibited.
  • Please observe quiet after 2300 Hrs.
  • Please note the cliff edge is dangerous do not venture on it unless abseiling or rock climbing with a qualified leader.

Risk Assessment – SilverHelme Activity Centre v1.5


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