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Lancashire Evening Post 01 July 1947:-

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When the contingent representing the Lancaster and District Boy Scouts’ Association go to France for the world jamboree in August, they will take with them a very interesting link with the heraldic tradition of the old city.

The hon. secretary (Mr. Kenneth R. Stanley), wrote to the Town Clerk asking if the Corporation would provide a shield incorporating the city coat of arms.  The Finance and Parliamentary Committee quite willing to cooperate, asked Mr. Kent, engineer and manager of the city transport undertaking to do his best.

Mr. Kent tells me that this is not the first “commission” he has received – city shielda have been sent as far as Canada at the request of a war-time visitor.

Despite shortage of materials Mr. Kent is determined not to disappoint the boys.  The job entails pressing a transfer, similar to the design used on the panels of Corporation ‘buses, on to a mahogany shield . (if the mahogany is available). 

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