Bolton le Sands Concert 1941

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Bolton le Sands Concert 1941


Lancaster Guardian, 10 January, 1941

The Bolton-le-Sands Boy Scouts gave an enjoyable concert in the New School Hall on Wednesday week, when £5 was raised for the Scout Funds and the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. The programme included the following  items: ” The Cub’s Mistake” (Bolton-le-Sands Cubs); ” Chip off the Old Block ” (Scouts); mouth organ solo (L Wilson); monologue (N. Clark) ; “A Spot of  Bother ” (L. Wilson and T. Whiteside) ; accordian (sic) solo (N. Clark) ; Item (1st Carnforth Scouts) ; item. M. Gardener; songs (1st Carnforth and Rover H. Longcake) ; “The Burglars Trap ” (1st Bolton-le-Sands); play (1st Carnforth Senior Patrol) ; accordian duet (N. Clark and R. Mackeral) : Impersonation (D. Pattinson); Carnforth Mouth Organ Band; “The Golden West”. (1st Bolton- le-Sands)

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