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Youth Shaped Scouting is all about ensuring that the 1,300 young people who enjoy scouting in Lonsdale, get the opportunity to shape their scouting experience in partnership with adults.

Youth shaped scouting is about evolution, not revolution. It’s about giving young people greater opportunities to give their views and opinions, and making sure that we listen to these, and act on them.

This site provides ideas and resources for leaders and young leaders to make implementing youth shaped scouting as easy as possible, seeks to answer any questions you may have, gives information about opportunities for young people to become more involved in shaping scouting. Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas, or want to chat!!

And why not follow out Youth Shaped Blog (coming soon) to keep up with how youth shaped scouting develops in Lonsdale, and engage via social media too!?

See you soon!!

District Youth Commissioner

#YouShape Month 2017

It is very exciting to share that following the success of #YouShape 2016, where over 1,000 young people in our County got involved, #YouShape in 2017 will be for a whole month, in February.
More details about what you could do with your section in this month will follow, and you can get some initial ideas and information at:
It would be great if every section in our County could get involved in February, whether it’s by holding a forum, planning a camp, letting the patrol leaders take over for the night or something else which allows young people in West Lancs to shape their scouting, and develop their skills!

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