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Shepton Mallet Journal 05 June 1931:

A 14-year-old Toc H. Sea Scout, Harry Price of Morecambe, took a 20 ft. dive into treacherous currents to rescue an unknown boy who had fallen from the end of the old jetty into the sea at Morecambe, on Monday night.

Henry had been bathing off the end of the old jetty, and was donning his coat when he saw a boy who had been leaning over the railings fall over the edge into the sea. He stripped off his overcoat again and took a header into the sea before the crowd had had time to realise what was happening.

In about 20 seconds he had brought the drowning boy to the safety of the jetty steps, gave him a reproving push, put on his overcoat, and walked straight off home.

The rescued boy, frightened by his adventures, took to his heels and fled, without telling anyone who he was. 

The spot where the rescue was effected is probably the most dangerous on the Morecambe coastline, and on the ebb and flooded tides dangerous currents swirl round the massive stonework of the jetty pier.  


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