We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Lancaster Swimming Gala 1941


The Guardian, Friday, 25 July, 1941

Mayor ‘At Scouts’ Competitions

A WISH that every boy in Lancaster would join the Scout movement and “stay in it” was expressed by the Mayor Coun. Mrs. M. Dowbiggin, when she presented the trophies at the annual swimming gala of the Lancaster and District Boy Scout Association in the Kingsway Baths on Tuesday night.

When she opened the gala the Mayor commented on the fact although she could not swim herself she always look a great interest in any movement that encouraged swimming for healthy recreation. When she was a girl they had not the same facilities for swimming as the children of today had.

A vote of thanks to the Mayor was proposed by the County Commissioner Alderman T. W. Helme, who stated that the Mayor had taken a great interest in the Scout movement.

” It is of very great value to the Scout movement to have the support of the civic authorities. We value very much not only having the Mayor here in her personal capacity, but also In her civic capacity,” commented Alderman Helme.

Responding the Mayor in turn said that it was also of value to the City to have young fellows trained in the Scout movement. It was the best thing any City could have. “I only wish every boy in Lancaster would join the Scout movement and stay in it until he became a Rover and then still stay in it,” she added.

Gala honours went again to the 13th Lancaster Troop who carried off the Group championship shield beating the 20th Lancaster by one point. F. Atkinson, a member of the 13th Lancaster was the winner of the Scout two-length championship.

Among those present were Mr. H. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Capstick, Dr, J. Tomb, Mr. E. Dowbiggin, Mr. A. Bate, J.P., Mr. and Mrs. F. G. T. Adams, Mr. J. Cole, Mr. J. Dodds Drummond (District Commissioner), Mrs. Drummond, Mr. R. E. Wright (Assistant District Commissioner), Mr. L. H. Slater and Mr. R. R. Wilkinson (Salford District Commissioner).

The officials were: Starter, Mr. L Todd; judges, Messrs. F, Watkinson, R Sargent, J. Morriss; recorder, Mr. A. Penny.

The following were the results:- Cubs’ race, one breadth: 1 R. Eyre, 21st, Ditto, one length; 1 T. Shipley, 4th; 2 N. Andrews, 20th; 3 J. Smith, 20th. Cubs neat dive: 1 T. Shipley, 2 N. Andrews, 3 H. Isaacs, 13th. Scouts’ novice race: 1 H. Wadsworth, 4th; 2 J. Helps, 25th; 3 W. Dixon, 21st Scouts’ race, aged 11 – 14: 1 K, Harrison, 13th; 2 D. Gibb, 20th; 3 R. Pemberton, 21st. Scouts’ neat dive: 1 J. Helps; 2 H. Jones, 13th; 3 K. Harrison, 13th. Scouts’ championship race: 1 F, Atkinson, 13th; 2 B. Shannon, 20th; 3 F. Gardner, 20th. Rovers and Scouters race: 1 J, Harrison, 13th; 2 R. Howat, 13th: 3 W. Parkinson. 13th. Rovers neat dive: 1 R. H. S. Randalls, 20th: 2 J. Harrison, 13th; 3 W. Parkinson, 13th. Scouts squadron race: 1 13th; 2 20th; 3 4th.

A race between the 13th Rovers and the “Best of the Scouts” resulted in an easy win for the former.