We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Moisson Jamboree 1947

World Jamboree Moisson 1947

(Lancaster Guardian 5 September, 1947)


Moisson Jamboree A Great Adventure

JAMBOREE IS OVER . The North-West Lancashire contingent including Scouts from Lancaster and Morecambe, except for one or two who are staying on with French pen friends, have reached home safely, full of stories to tell of camp life at “Jamboree City” Life with over 30,000 Scouts of all nationalities has been a great adventure.       It has brought to the young People a new conception of the world brotherhood and augers well for the future of Scouting.


Scoutmaster Ken Brown and Patrol-leader Raymond Marrison have delved into the store house of memory to recapture for us something of the wonderful time the local boys have had.
The opening ceremony in the great arena ranks, perhaps, as the most impressive of their experiences;     the thousands of Scouts pouring into the arena from two wide ramps from above the heads of the spectators to greet their waiting hosts, the French Scouts who were already assembled to welcome them. Then there was the address from General Lafont, the Chief Scout of France, the massed singing of past Jamboree songs, the kindling of the “Torch of Moisson” from a piece of wood saved from the closing camp fire in Holland ten years ago.

Other torches were then lit and carried in the procession to every troop camp.


The final rally was also a memorable affair. Assembled in the arena again, a huge balloon bearing the map of the world passed above the heads of all the Scouts. The Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan, spoke of the splendid spirit of friendship fostered at the Jamboree.

The Scouts then formed into a parade and when all had taken their places it was found that they had formed the carrick bend with its two-fold interlacing symbolising the World Brotherhood of Scouting. The official emblem of this year’s Jamboree, worn on the uniform by all participants, was the traditional Scout Fleur-de-lis in gold on a blue background, with a carrick bend in silver. Scouts who were at Moisson are wearing this emblem.


Camp fires were held nightly, the main site being a spectacular affair, the fire being lit on a high platform, and the items acting enacted on an adjoining dais so that all could see. These camp fires were very enjoyable and our boys took part in their own sub-camp efforts and some attended the special broadcast ceremony. Scoutmaster Brown recalls that on Air Scout Day, 30 French Rovers were dropped by parachute to commence a wide game. The local boys did their bit at developing International relations within their own sub-camp by entertaining French, Dutch and American Scouts. A conducted tour to Paris provided an interesting aside and there were also visits to Chartres and Versailles. Jamboree had its own daily newspaper, the displays of Scoutcraft pageantry, depicting national customs, historical incidents, serious and humorous sidelights were all very entertaining and educational. The miniature railway carried many passengers.

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So pleased were the 1st Bolton-le-Sands troop with their camping in the Lake district recently, that they have booked again for next year at Glencoyne Farm, Ullswater, overlooking the Lake, with Place Fell in the background, states a report which Scoutmaster and Mrs. J. Edgar have sent me. Some Scout training was carried out; much walking was done and there were steamer trips from Pooley Bridge to Patterdale to while away the leisure time. Scouts A. Lyle, J. Chapple and M. Gavriluk gained second-class badges whilst in camp. A Sunday church parade was held at Glenridding Methodist Church.
Liaison was established with the St. John’s (Carlisle) troop under Scoutmaster Ayres, who were camping in an adjoining field, and a pleasing gesture which the boys enjoyed was the sharing of many of the week’s activities including two jolly camp fires. Both troops were visited by Mr. J. Ellam, District Commissioner for Penrith, and Mrs. Ellam. Thanks were accorded Mr. and Mrs. Wilson for kindly allowing the site to be used, the Bolton-le-Sands Group Committee, and Mr. Balderston who provided transport.


Parents were invited to attend a recent “Going-up” ceremony at which Sixers Allan White, Michael Wright, Francis Lynch and Cubs Terence Armes, Anthony Humphreys and Christopher Matthews left the Pack to become members of the 5th Lancaster (Cathedral) troop. Subsequently they stayed to witness a camp fire at which refreshments were served. The parents were really delighted at the opportunity to share in one of the boys’ functions, and the happy relationships existing between them and the Group were further established. The final comment was “Thank you for inviting us. It has been most enjoyable.”
A reunion for all boys of the 4th Lancaster Group (over 18 years of age) will take place at Apple House on a Sunday in September. If desired, members can attend on the Saturday and stay the week-end. Rations should be taken in either case –