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We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Leaving for India 1937

Lancaster Guardian 31 December 1937

Leaving for India

LANCASTER contributes a fair quota to the class of men and women who earn the title of Empire Builders, and regularly Lancaster born* and bred boys leave this country to seek fortune in far off lands.

* Stanley was actually born in Warrington (Free BMD Dec 1916) son of Ernest Goulden and Esther Ann Gregson; living at 6 Whalley Road, Lancaster in 1939.

Next week. Mr. Stanley Goulden, who has just finished a five-year apprenticeship as junior engineer at Messrs. Jas. Williamson and Son, Ltd. will leave to join the British and Indian steamship line. He told me that he will serve 18 months at sea as junior engineer, and will then be transferred to the Calcutta headquarters of the B. and I., where he will serve as junior marine engineer. He will be away from home probably for four years.

“Stan,” as he is to his many friends, is a native of Lancaster, and was educated at the Lancaster Royal Grammar School, later attending the Storey Institute Technical College to study engineering. It is perhaps in connection with the Storey Institute that he is best known, for he is a hard working member of the committee of the Students’ Association, and is always to be seen at functions organised by them.

He is also a Rover Scout, having been a member of the Scouting movement for several years. Less than two months ago he attained his majority and the fact that his 21st birthday celebrations were held in the 13th Lancaster Rover Scouts Den at Littledale is a manifestation of the deep interest which he takes in the movement. He holds the joint position of secretary and treasurer of the 13th Lancaster Rovers.

I take this opportunity of wishing him success in his new venture.

Stan emigrated to New Zealand 31 October 1946 travelling from London on board SS Rangitiki (The New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd.). ” Stanley Goulden, 6 Whalley Road, Lancaster, Marine Engineer.”
Source: findmypast