We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Scouting Notes (City Shield etc.)

Lancaster Guardian 20 November 1942:-


The result of the competition for the City Shield, presented by the Lancaster Corporation, is as follows. 1, 3rd Lancaster (RGS), 93 points; 2, 13th and 24th Lancaster (tie), 85; 3, 20th Lancaster, 84 ½; 4, 27th Lancaster, 83 ½; 5, 21st Lancaster, 78 ½; 6, 4th Lancaster, 76 ½; 7, 16th Lancaster, 74.

A cycle run will be held on Sunday, November 29th, when the venue is Abbeystead, with a service in the afternoon at Wyresdale. Parade at Crosslands at 9. 45 am, with dinner ration.

The annual meeting of the Association will be held at the Town Hall, tonight Friday, at 7.30, when the Mayor of Lancaster will preside. Parents and friends are invited.


Two events of outstanding importance were the Civil Defence parade and the visit of the two “Blitz” scouts who have toured the USA and Canada, to Lancaster. At both these gatherings a large number of Scouts and Cubs from the 1st Carnforth troop attended. At the Civil Defence parade members of the Troop were in the First Aid Party, the National Fire Service, Control Centre, A.R.P. Messengers, and Police Messengers in addition to Cub and Scout Groups who attended with the flags.

Cheery news continues to be received from those of our troop serving in H.M. Forces, especially airgraphs from Edgar Russell (Iraq), Walter Miskelly (India), G. Parkin (Middle East), H. Pyke (Ceylon), 13th Lancaster Crew; and letters from G. Penny, 13th Lancaster Crew, and E. McCormack, F. Greenland and A. Parkin, serving in the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm, and Royal Marines respectively; also K. Basnett in the R.A.F. Two former members of the Senior Patrol, Boyd Branthwaite and F. Ludlam, are now in H.M. Forces. Rover M. K. Whalan is out of Lancaster infirmary and gradually recovering from his serious accident, we wish him a speedy recovery.

The Group Committee continue to serve us faithfully each Thursday at the County Hotel for our weekly effort there which has raised nearly £100 for charities and war efforts. The Cub Pack under A.C.M. M. Wilson continues to make progress and the following Cubs have passed their first star: A. Edwards, J. Greelan, A. Tyson, C. Parkinson and B. Graveson and F. and A. Coote and L. Holmes invested through their Tenderfoot tests. Finally, congratulations to Rover E. McCormack R.N. on his marriage to Miss M. Sharpe.