We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Scouts’ Annual Meeting

Lancaster Guardian and Observer 28 June 1946:


Good Results Of The Special “Week.”


The need for more Scouters was emphasised at the annual meeting of the Lancaster and District Boy Scouts Association, held in the Council Chamber, of the Town Hall, Lancaster, on Friday evening, when the Mayor (Coun. G. H. Blatchford) presided.

Previous annual meetings have been held in November, but the Association have put their meeting forward to correspond with IHQ year end, which has been changed from September 30th to March 31st.

Consequently this was the second annual meeting over which the reigning and Mayor presided.  He expressed the greatest pleasure at this distinction, and paid tribute to the work of Scouts in the district, with special reference to the recent Scout week, which had borne fruit already with the formation of a troop at Halton.  The Children’s Aid Society benefited financially, he went on, but apart from that it was a very enjoyable week. He appealed to Scouters to carry on the good work, through which the future nation would benefit.


Presenting the 37th annual report for the half-year ended March 31st, 1946, the Secretary, Mr. K. R. Stanley, said there had been a slight decrease compared with last year, the figures showing a membership of 286 Cubs, 320 Scouts, 11 Rovers, and 46 Scouters, a total of 663.  The decrease was partly accounted for by the cancellation of the registrations of the 6th Lancaster and 1st Caton, but excluding the numbers of these groups there had been an increase of about 20.  The Bolton-le-Sands group is being revived with Cubs and Scouts, and it is expected that the figures next year will show a substantial increase.  A total of 139 Proficiency Badges for Scouts, and 18 Cubs were reported, making only a slight drop on figures for the previous 12 months.  The 5th Lancaster gained 33; the 20th, 22; and the 21st, 19.  Among the Cubs, the 21st Lancaster had 13.

Mr. Stanley spoke of the recent Scout week and said that they were pleased to have with them for one evening Mrs. Betty Melville-Smith, the Wolf Cub Secretary, from IHQ, and Mr. C. A. Winn, who has been appointed Field Commissioner for this area.

The 5th Lancaster won the swimming competition and the Scouts of the 20th and the Cubs of the 3rd won the sports.  The individual shield was again won by Tony Keenan of the 5th.  The profits were devoted to the Children’s Aid Fund.  He thanked Miss Rainford and Mr. John Addison for the work they had put in.

The St. George’s day service was held on May 5th at Sulyard Street, through the courtesy of the Rev. E. Stanley Rowe, who gave the address.  The collection realised £4 10 s. for the Wych Warren Convalescent Home.

The Scorton cycle rally, which has now become an event organized by the County, was held on June 15th and 16th, and thanks were due to the Rev. E. Jackson, Vicar of Scorton, for a courteous welcome and inspired address.


A preliminary training course for Scouters, consisting of five meetings, was organized by the District Commissioner earlier in the year , a Sixer’s Social was organized by Mrs. Davies in February, and also in February there was a campfire.  They had hoped to have a visit from Captain Michaelson but unfortunately he was unable to do so.

In response to requests from IHQ, particulars were gathered of the activities of Scouts during the war, and the final report was a striking testimonial to the movement.  The Association had 190 in the Services of whom 28 gained commissioned rank, and there were 16 casualties including ten who made the supreme sacrifice ; 95 served in the Civil Defence.  Among the work done by the Scouts locally, upwards of 900 hours’ work had been done on the land and 168 hours in forestry.  The committee was very pleased to be able to send up such a splendid and encouraging report.

The Development Committee had met several times since it was formed six months ago and had already made plans for carrying into effect the wish expressed by the Chief Scout that the numbers in Scouting be doubled in five years through efficiency.  This would lay a very heavy burden on all ranks, but it is hoped that the movement will attract a strong team of Scouters around whom can be built groups numerically strong and also keen and efficient.

In conclusion he thanked the many friends of Scouting in the district, including all the officials of the Association, who did so much work behind the scenes without seeking the limelight.

In the absence of the treasurer, the secretary also submitted the financial statement which showed a balance on the year of £6 12s. 10p, making a gross balance of £43 14s. 4d .

Reporting on the result of Scout week the acting treasurer, Mr. J. E. Leake, said that subject to final adjustment and potential liability of approximately £18 in respect of entertainments duty, there was a balance of £68 9s. 7d.


Officers elected included the following: treasurer, Mr. J. G. Swainson; secretary, Mr. K. R. Stanley; auditor, Mr. W. H. Satterthwaite; district cub master, Mrs. M. Davies; district quartermaster, J. E. Helme; chairman, Dr. J. A. Tomb; vice chairman, Mr. F. G. T. Adams; executive committee, Dr. J. D. Buchanan, Messrs. H. Bennett, J. Cole, J. Pye, J.Green, J. V. Smith, W. Thompson, L. Wright, D. Clift, J. E. Helme (lay members); F. R. Hayton, S. T. Whalan, T. H. Porter, W. Rutherford, B. J. Toole, R. B. Dunn, L. Dimond, J. Hodgson, Miss J. Beck, Mrs. M. G. Fish, Rev. Fr. Conway, C. H. Pyke (Scouter members); warrants committee, Messrs. H. Bennett, W. Tyson, F. R. Hayton, L. Wright; handicapped scouts committee, Messrs. J. V. Smith, R. E. Wright; swimming committee, Messrs. F. G. T. Adams, J. Cole, L. Todd, R. H. S. Randles, C .H. Pyke; Sea Scouts committee, Messrs. J. Hodgson, J. Gardner, F. Barker, R. Gardner, The Canal Inspector, J. Nicholson, B. J. Toole, W. Rutherford, Rev. Fr. Conway; Association development committee, the chairman, D.C., A.D.C., Secretary and Mr. F. R. Hayton; badge Secretary, A. Penny; badge organiser, J. Denwood; publicity, Messrs. J. V. Smith, J. Addison. County Scout Council representatives, Dr. J. A. Tomb, and Mr. Hodgson;


Proposing a vote of thanks to the Mayor, the County Commissioner, Alderman T. W. Helme, said Coun. Blatchford had been very kind in giving up his time to helping the movement.  He also thanked Mr. Leake for collecting all the funds after Scout week, and the public of Lancaster for their help.  He urged all Scouters to read the book, “The Road Ahead” which was a comprehensive survey of the movement today. Speaking of the difficulty of the old Scout problem, he said the movement could carry one all through life, from the cubs at the age of eight years.  There had been a gap between the ages of 15 and 18, when boys could become members of the Rovers, but special arrangements were being made for a senior section to see boys over this vital age.  He appealed to young men to come forward and to be trained as Scouters, who were desperately needed. They were trying to develop Scouting throughout the country, and training courses and centres were to be set up, on the lines of Gilwell, near Epping Forest, where two Lancaster members were to go in the near future.  He closed by saying that the future may be very bright , it all depended on a capable staff.

Seconding a vote of thanks, the District Commissioner, Mr. J. Dodds Drummond, also spoke of the work done during the last six months, and appealed for Scouters, saying “If you want adventure find it in scouting.”  

The Mayor responded suitably.