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Boy Scouts’ Rally

Morecambe Guardian 30 June 1928:

By permission of the Ripley Hospital Trustees a successful rally was held by the Scouts of Lancaster and district last Saturday in Springfield Park.  The following eight troops took part: 4th Lancaster (Wesley), 7th Lancaster (Parish Church), 11th Lancaster (Bulk), 14th Lancaster (Centenary), 1st Morecambe (St. Laurence), 3rd Morecambe (St. Mary’s), 1st Caton and 1st Ellel .

In the unavoidable absence of the County Commissioner, Capt. Nigel Kennedy and District Commissioner, Ald. W. Briggs, Deputy Commissioner T. W. Helme took charge of the rally.

The proceedings started with the rush in of nearly 150 scouts yelling their patrol cries, after which sudden silence. Before the inspection, Deputy Commissioner Helme, on behalf of the Chief Scout, presented the Medal of Merit to Scoutmaster W. Tyson of the 4th Lancaster (Wesley) Troop, “for long and meritorious service to the Scout movement.”

The competitions resulted as follows: – Relay Race (under 14): 1st, 11th Lancaster ; 2nd, 1st Caton; 3rd, 4th Lancaster.  Relay Race (over 14): 1st, 4th Lancaster ; 2nd, 14th Lancaster; 3rd, 1st Ellel.  Obstacle race (under 14): 1st, 1st Caton; 2nd, 3rd Morecambe; 3rd, 3rd  Caton.  Obstacle race (over 14): 1st, 1st Morecambe; 2nd, 4th Lancaster ; 3rd 14th Lancaster.  Boat Race (open): Winning Crew: 4th Lancaster. 

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