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Lancaster Win Scouts’ Swimming Shield

MORECAMBE Boy Scouts brought up the rear in the North West Lancashire Boy Scouts swimming gala, at Lancaster, on Saturday night. Lancaster were easy winners of the “Helme” Shield, given by Alderman T. W. Helme, of Bare. Results: Lancaster 31 points, Blackpool (holders) 18, Preston 14, Morecambe 5.

Local results: Scout race, one length, breast: 2 Cope, Lancaster; 3 Butler, Morecambe. Senior Scouts, two lengths breast 2 Cross, Lancaster. Scouts, two lengths, free style: 2 Thompson, Lancaster. Senior Scouts, three length free style: 1 Grave, Lancaster; 3 Hackett, Morecambe.

Rovers, three lengths, free style: 1 Kershaw, Lancaster. Scouts, one length, back: 1 Atkinson, Lancaster; 3 Dickinson, Morecambe. Senior Scouts, two lengths, back: 2 Cox, Lancaster. Scouts, diving: 2 Rowbotham, Lancaster. Senior Scouts, diving: 1 Laytham, Lancaster; 2 Hackett, Morecambe.

Lancaster won the Rover, Senior Scout and Scout squadron races.

The Visitor, September 29, 1948

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