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Jamboree Contingent 1947

World Jamboree Moisson 1947

(Lancaster Guardian 8 August, 1947)



The Jamboree contingent Scoutmaster K. Brown (21st) and Scouts T. G. B. Wilson, M Cox, P. J. Latham (3rd), G. Parker, D. Wilkinson (16th), R. Bradley (24th), R. Parkinson and R. Marrison (4th), left Lancaster on the ‘Scout Special’ from Scotland on Tuesday afternoon when they joined the North-West Lancashire contingent.

Jamboree opens at Moisson, near Paris, on Saturday evening when there will be an impressive rally of 30,000 Scouts from 40 nations on the vast arena followed on succeeding days by international competitions, camp fires, national displays, other rallies, religious observances. The stage is set for one of the greatest international gatherings of youth where for a fortnight they will rub shoulders and make friends in the indefinable ways of the Scout spirit. Six thousand Scouts will represent Great Britain and the British Empire led by the Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan.

“The Jamboree of Peace” at the gigantic canvas camp at Moisson promises memorable experiences to its participants and should be a worthy successor to the five previous World Jamborees.


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