Were these Boy Scouts’ faces red?

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Were these Boy Scouts’ faces red?

Morecambe Guardian 03 April 1958:

There should be some red faces among members of the Swift Patrol of the 6th Morecambe and Heysham Scouts, especially if they hold the Pathfinder’s Badge.

It was raining heavily when six Swifts, Leslie Saunders, Leslie Horrocks, Geoffrey Rushworth, David and Andrew Walmsley and David Slater, left Morecambe on Saturday morning for a hike round Borwick.  A bus took them to Yealand Conyers and their legs took them round the countryside surrounding Borwick and Carnforth, the simple exercise of finding one’s way ending at Carnforth Station.

They had only a few minutes to wait for the Morecambe train, they were told, and when a train steamed into the station they piled into a compartment.  It would be in Morecambe in a few minutes, and the exercise of finding one’s way from point A to point B  would be over.  The train was green-flagged out of the station and was on the point of moving when a porter spotted the boys in the tail-end of the train.  There was nothing extraordinary in that except that boys are not normally found on special troop trains.  They scrambled out at his command “You’ll not get to Morecambe in this train” he told them. It’s going to Southampton.  

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