We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Groups in the Lancaster District

Per P. S. Gedge, probably listed by R.E. Wright in the 1940’s

No., Name, Scarf colour

1st Lancaster, Open, Blue

2nd Lancaster, YMCA, Red

3rd Lancaster, LRGS, Royal blue/black (halved)

4th Lancaster, Wesley, Green

5th Lancaster, St. Peter’s RC, Gold/white border

6th Lancaster, Greaves Wesley, Black/emerald border

7th Lancaster, Parish Church, Purple/gold (halved)

8th Lancaster, Presbyterian, Stewart tartan

9th Lancaster, Skerton

10th Lancaster, Dallas Road School

11th Lancaster, Bulk Mission, Yellow

12th Lancaster, St. George’s, Red

13th Lancaster, Open, Royal blue/old gold border

14th Lancaster, Centenary, Royal blue

15th Lancaster, Baptist, Emerald/brown border

16th Lancaster, St. Paul’s, Pink, later dark blue/white

17th Lancaster, St. Joseph’s RC Skerton (1st Skerton), Khaki

18th Lancaster, Congregational High Street, Green/royal blue border

19th Lancaster, Wesleyan, Skerton (2nd Skerton), Black/red border

20th Lancaster, Friends’ School, Red/black (halved)

21st Lancaster, Congregational Bowerham & Sea Scouts, Royal blue/black border

22nd Lancaster, RAI, Dark blue/light blue border

23rd Lancaster, Christ Church, Brown/gold (halved)

24th Lancaster, St. Chad’s, Dove grey/black border

25th Lancaster, Salford Evacuees (Tootal), Royal blue/light blue

26th Lancaster, Salford Grammar School,

27th Lancaster, Ryelands School, Sky blue/old gold

1st Ellel, Pale blue

1st Slyne with Hest, Brown/orange border

1st Carnforth, Orange/emerald

1st Silverdale, Maroon

1st Caton, Emerald, later purple

1st Kellet, Orange/blue border

1st Dolphinholme, Green/red border

1st Bolton le Sands, Emerald/yellow border

2nd Carnforth, Congregational, Green

1st Halton

1st Abbeystead, Yellow/red border (gold & scarlet)

2nd Dolphinholme, RC, Black

1st Wennington

1st Hornby, Violet

1st Yealand, Maroon/grey border

1st Melling

Leighton Hall

1st Tunstall

1st Glasson Dock

1st Warton, Red

(47 Groups in total)