We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Lancaster Scouts at Sedbergh 1924

Lancaster Guardian, Saturday 28 June 1924


An Interesting Display of Scout Tactics

Last Saturday, 40 Boy Scouts, and officers from Lancaster had a very pleasant outing to Sedbergh at the invitation of the new troop that has been formed in that picturesque town.

Nine ladies and gentlemen, (including District Commissioner Briggs and Assistant Commissioner T. W. Helme) kindly brought their cars, and drove them to their destination, where the Sedbergh Troop, under S.M. Evans, met them in true Scout fashion.

After marching through the town they proceeded to the new Scout Hut, where the Headmaster of Sedbergh School gave a hearty welcome to the Lancaster Scouts and their friends who had brought them.

In a short and pithy speech he declared the Hut open and a large number of supporters availed themselves of the opportunity to inspect the building, which was much admired, afterwards adjourning to a field near by to witness the Scout Display given by representatives of the 4th, 5th, 7th, 11th, and 12th Lancaster Troops and the Sedbergh Troop.

District Scoutmaster R. E. Wright was in charge of the proceedings, supported by six officers from Lancaster and three from Sedbergh. The display commenced with the circular rally when the various patrols rushed in line, yelling their patrol cries, to the flag pole where they halted and in silence the Union Jack was saluted.

The Sedbergh Troop, under S.M. Evans, then showed their efficiency in staff drill, and in the quickness with which they erected a bell tent. A Sedbergh stalwart also won the fireman’s lift race.

The 12th Lancaster (St. George’s), under S.M. Tapp and A.S.M. Jacobs, depicted how scouts would deal with an old man, who had been knocked down by a ruffian, and was suffering from an injured scalp and a broken thigh– the ruffian of course being captured.

A Fire-Lighting Display.

The 7th (Parish Church) and the 11th (Bulk), under A.S.M. Renshall, gave a fire-lighting display in quick style, whilst the 5th (St. Peter’s), under S.M. Sweeney, aroused enthusiasm in the wonderful way in which they transported a trek cart and its contents over a narrow plank bridge.

The 4th (Wesley), under A.S.M.’s Bishop and Shepherd, showed that the Scout staff can be used for a great many purposes, whilst the same troop, under the able direction of Mr. Cass (Hon. Fire Drill Instructor to the Lancaster Boy Scouts’ Association), gave a very interesting and efficient fire drill display. There was no lack of patients for the jumping sheet drill, whilst there was a burst of applause for the two Scout firemen who rescued two boys by bringing them down a ladder fireman’s lift style.

The Lancaster Scouts were then entertained to a sumptuous repast by the Sedbergh Troop, who showed that they had quickly picked up the true “scouting spirit” by the way in which they waited on their brother scouts.

The gratitude of the Scouts is due to the Rev. O.P. Tidman, treasurer of the Sedbergh Troop, who carried out the preliminary arrangements.