We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Lancaster Swimming Gala 1966

Scouts retain trophy

Lancaster Guardian August 1966

THE third Lancaster troop of Boy Scouts from the Lancaster Royal Grammar School retained the Scouts trophy at the annual Lancaster and district Cubs and Scouts swimming gala at the Kingsway Baths on Saturday. They also won the senior Scouts’ trophy with a score of 19 points to beat the 13th. Lancaster troop, who were second with 14 points and the 23rd. Lancaster troop who were third with 13 points.

They won the Scouts trophy for the second successive year with a score of 34 points. Second were the 23rd. Lancaster troop with 20 points and third were the 33rd. Lancaster troop with 13 points.

The 20th Lancaster Cub pack retained the Cub trophy. They gained 15 points to beat the 35th. Lancaster pack who were second with 10 points and  the 1st Warton and 16th. Lancaster packs who came equal third with seven points each.


Group are from Lancaster unless otherwise stated. Scouts: 11-12 years, freestyle: 1 D. Colley (3rd), 2 M. Morris (16th), 3 L. Gee (23rd), Backstroke: 1. T. Peach (3rd) 2 E. Diack (33rd)  3 C. Dawes (35th) Breaststroke 1 M. Crook (1st Forton) 2 S. Pennington (3rd) 3 P. Jackson (35th).

13-14 years, freestyle: 1 S. A. Coates (3rd) 2 P. Sutcliffe (23rd). Backstroke: 1 S. Butler (33rd) 2 S. Morris (16th), 3 B. Jenkinson (1st Forton). Breast stroke: 1 R. Samuel (3rd) 2 D. Gibson (33rd).

11-14 years, 4 by one length relay: 1 23rd. 2 3rd. 3 28th. Neat dive: 1 C. Tweedy (23rd) 2 A. M. Elred (3rd) 3 equal A. Mieilur (35th) and P. Butikoffer (1st Halton).

Senior Scouts:15-18 years. freestyle: 1 J. Player (3rd) 2 H. Robinson (23rd). Backstroke: 1 M. Crocombe (23rd), 2 K. Roberts (13th). 3 A Curry (3rd). Breast stroke: 1 D. T. Christie (3rd). 2 M. A. Nemeth (23rd), 3 R. C. Stanley (13th). Neat dive: 1 R. Hill. (1st Forton) 2 R. C. Stanley (13th). 3.A. Lofthouse (23rd). 2 by one, one by two lengths relay; 1 3rd, 2 13th, 3 16th. Open cham­pionship. Freestyle, 15-18 years: 1 J. PIayer, 2 M. Crocombe.

Cub’s: under 9 freestyle: 1 N. Carruthers  (20th) 2 N. Harrison (35th) 3 J. Holgate (16th): Under 11: Non-swimmers: 1 K. Collins (20th), 2 M. Cansfield (1st Warton), 3 A. Miejlak (35th). Freestyle: 1 S. Bradford (14th), 2 J. Grayburn (1st Warton), 3 M. Hall (16th). 4 by one breadth relay 1 20th, 2 23rd. 3 35th.