We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Swimming Gala 1943



Friends’ Troop Win Championship

The 20th Lancaster (Friends) were champions at the annual swimming gala on Tuesday night at Kingsway Baths, Lancaster when they carried off the shield for the first time. The Placings were: 20th Lancaster 37 pts, 21st Lancaster (last year’s winners) 30; 4th Lancaster 11; 13th Lancaster 10.

Competition was keen and a large number of spectators, including the Mayor and Mayoress, (Coun. and Mrs. A.H. Robertson) thoroughly enjoyed the event and were full of praise for the efforts  of the participants.

Supported by Mr. F. G. T. Adams, (hon. secretary of the Swimming Committee) the Mayoress presented the shield to the winning group, and the individual championship shield to M. R. Pemberton of the 21st.


County Commissioner T. W. Helme congratulated the winners and said he understood from the judges that they regarded the swimming as of a high standard. He proposed a vote of thanks to the Mayor and Mayoress, and pointed out that the Mayor had been a good friend to Scouts after he took office and have given them great encouragement. He had given up his time on three occasions to be with them, at the annual meeting, the recent sports and now the swimming gala. It was of much value to the movement when they had the support of the civic authority.

District Commissioner J. Dodds Drummond seconded and paid tribute to the interest and assistance rendered by the judges and officials. The vote was carried enthusiastically in real Scout fashion with hearty Bravos!

The Mayor, who addressed the gathering as “Brother Scouts” (he was enrolled a scout at the annual meeting), said he regarded it not as a duty but as a pleasure to come along and be entertained by such an excellent display and he congratulated them. He thought the Boy Scout movement was one of the finest youth  movements in the world and he would be glad to help them at any time.


Others present included Aldermen E.G. Smith, I.G. Curwen, Drs J. D. Buchanan and W. George, Messrs F. H. Capstick, A.D.C., and R.E. Wright, District Scoutmasters W. Tyson and A. D. Sharpe. Mr. J. Cole officiated as starter, the recorder was Mr. L.H. Slater and the judges were Messrs Cunningham, Keele, Winder, Sargeant, and Mrs. Shipley.

Much amusement was caused when a ‘spectator’ climbed to the top of the diving boards lost his cap, fell in and was ‘rescued’ from drowning. This comedy was enacted by Sea Scouts Leach, Pemberton and Whiteside.


The results were: – Cubs: One breadth, E. Kitchen (20th), D. Smith (21st); one length G. Hickey (20th), R, Palmer (21st), R. Dodsworth (20th); neat dive: G.Hickey, E. Kitchen, R. Dodsworth.

Scouts: 11 to 12 years, one length Shipley (4th), N. Andrews (20th), M. Coward (13th); 13 to 14 years, ditto M.R. Pemberton (21st), T. Cook (20th), Blakely (21st); 15 years and over, ditto, R. Field (20th), H. Hodgson (13th), J. Atkinson (13th); back stroke, 11 to 12 years, N. Andrews, J. Smith (20th); 13 to 14 years, ditto, M.R. Pemberton, G. Fraser (20th), J. Goodwin (21st); 15 years and over, ditto, A. Simmance (20th), P. Auerbach (20th), R. Field; championship race, M.R. Pemberton, J. Atkinson, Shipley; neat dive, M. Loxam (13th), Shipley, J. Atkinson; life saving test, 1. 20th (A), 2 and 3, 4th Lancaster; squadron, one length, 21st, 20th, 13th Lancaster.