We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Morecambe Scout & Guide Rally

Lancashire Evening Post 28 July 1930



More than 200 Scouts, Rovers, Guiders, and Brownies from Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, and Scotland took part in a rally at Christie Park, Morecambe, on Saturday.

An impressive scene was witnessed as the County Commissioner (Lieut.-Colonel Palin Dobson) took the march past and salute. The singing of the National Anthem followed.

Pipe band selections were given by the Greenock Troop, the World’s  Scout Pipe Band champions, while a display of rescue from the sea by means of rockets and breeches buoy was given by Simons Sea Scouts, of Glasgow.

During the afternoon various competitions were held for the Scouts and Guides. In the evenng (sic) hundreds of people took part in a big camp fire “sing song.” Awards:-
Best Display Scouts: Simons Sea Scouts, Ditto., Guides: Combined Morecambe Companies. Ditto., Rovers: 4th Lancaster.
Tent Pitching: 1, Simons Sea Scouts; 2, 7th Lancaster Guides.
Fire Lighting: 1, Riley Bros.; 2, Muff and Wilson; 3, Bailey and Sugden (all 4th Lancaster).
First Aid: 1, Morecambe G.F.S. Guides; 2, 7th Lancaster Guides.
Boat Race: 1, Simon Sea Scouts; 2, 4th Lancaster Rovers.
Tug-of-war: 4th Lancaster won against Simons Sea Scouts.
Obstacle Race: 1, Roy Milner (1st Sandylands); 2, A. Whittaker (1st Sandylands); 3, Roy Jackson (13th Lancaster.
Boat Race (Guides): 1, 7th Lancaster; 2, 2a Morecambe.
Relay Race (Guides): 1, 2a Morecambe, 2, Morecambe G.F.S.
Skipping Race: 1, Doris Bennett (5th Morecambe); 2, Tom Bland (1st Lancaster).
Fire Rescue: 1, H. Riley (4th Lancaster); 2, J. Frazer (Simons Sea Scouts).
Trek Cart for highest points of the day: 4th Lancaster.
Tent for Guides: 7th Lancaster.