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Awards For Courage Or Gallantry

1917 John Peel (4th Lancaster) Certificate of Merit

1938 Stanley Baxter (1st Morecambe & Heysham) Cornwell Badge

1939 Sam Cooke (16th Lancaster) Cornwell Badge

1941 Ronnie Newsham (1st Carnforth) Cornwell Badge

1944 Tony Keenan (5th Lancaster) Bronze Cross (for lifesaving)

1963 Jeffrey Hoggarth (Warton St Oswald’s) Gilt Cross (for lifesaving)

1968 Neville Parkinson (1st Forton) Cornwell Certificate

1979 Lorna Musgrave (1st Forton) Medal for Meritorious Conduct

1980 Velma Keating (5th Lancaster) Certificate for Meritorious Conduct

1980 Jeremy Holdsworth (3rd Morecambe & Heysham) Commendation for Meritorious Conduct

Arthur Naylor Shepherd  30 Oct 1899 – 29 January 1995
Cornwell Badge

Learn about the Cornwell Badge and the recipient of the first badge, back in 1916, and his connection with Lonsdale.

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