We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

District Commissioners

Alderman William Garnett of Quernmore Park (seated centre) the first DC for the area

Called Lancaster & Morecambe Local Association in 1910, South Lonsdale from 1911 (May)

[When Morecambe split off in 1930 to establish its own District, Mr Helme and Mr Dodds Drummond were still technically DCs, as DCs of South Lonsdale District. Morecambe’s first DC was Max Melling in 1956)

1911 Alderman William Garnett (1852-1929) of Quernmore Park

1923 Alderman William Briggs, Mayor of Lancaster 1913-1919

1928 Thomas Wilson (Tom) Helme

1938 James Dodds Drummond. (1902-1972) Headmaster of the Friends’ School. County Commissioner 1948-67. 

1948 R. E. Wright (temporarily) a founder member of the Lancaster Association in 1910

1948 Dr. C. V. Stevenson

1949 Hector Todd born 1900. One of the first scouts locally in 1909. Also interested in handicapped scouting. Died in 1977

1961 George Miller MPS. Secretary 1954 – 61. DC 1961 – 68. Chairman of the Littledale Campsite Committee. Owner of Hindle’s Chemist shop, Church Street – a rather too convenient centre in the city!

1968 Geoff Boulton MA. Scouter at Manchester Grammar School from 1960. Secretary 1967 – 68. Lecturer at St. Martin’s College. County Administrative Secretary September 1991 – July 1998.

1973 Tom Hayhurst. ASL/GSL Warton St Oswald’s 1958 – 73. Area Supplies Officer (NHS)

Morecambe & Heysham: (ADC’s until 1956)

1930 Edgar Barrow

1939 Frank C. Wright

1946 Stanley J. W. Catterall

1949 T. S. Watson

1956 Max Melling

1971 Bob Sharrock

1974 Lonsdale District formed:

By re-uniting Lancaster & District with Morecambe & Heysham & District Associations.

1974 Bob Sharrock C.Eng., M.I.GasE. VSL Scorpio VSU. DC Morecambe 1971 – 74. ACC 1981

1980 Peter Ellwood. Company Secretary. ADC 1968 – 80. GSL 53rd Lancaster 1993 – ?; died in 2014

1993 Michael Nelson T.D. Dental surgeon. GSL 1st Slyne with Hest

1999 Bob Kay Deputy CC (acting)
Liz McDermott. CSL 16th Morecambe & Heysham. ADC (LT)

2003 District Uniformed Team: Team of three shared the workload
Frank Rice. GSL 33rd Lancaster
Peter Ellwood. see above
John Murie. SL 2nd Morecambe

2005 Colin Midwinter

2007 Pat Griffin. ADC Cubs

2013 Craig Dewar

2019 Mandy Sweet

Original Source: Peter S Gedge 1931-2001