24th Lancaster (St. Chad’s) Party 1942

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24th Lancaster (St. Chad’s) Party 1942


Lancaster Guardian, 16 January, 1942

On Wednesday week the 24th Lancaster (St. Chad’s) Pack held their annual party in St. Chad’s Mission Church. The guests included the Revs. R. R. Bell and E. A. Kerr, Scoutmaster H. L. Wareing ** and the 26th Lancaster Troop. After supper, parents and friends arrived, and games were played. The Rev. R. R. Bell told a story to the boys by candle light. Cubmaster Hewitt presented the totem pole to Sixer Harold Johnson on behalf of the Pack. Unfortunately, the Cub Flag had not been received from headquarters in time for the event.

The Grand Howl concluded a jolly party, after which prayers were said by Rev. Kerr.

B-P explains the Grand Howl

** Herbert Lance Wareing was born 24 August 1910 in Lancaster, son of John Wareing born in Southport and Elizabeth Fox born in Burton in Kendal. In 1911 the family are living at 25 Clarendon Road, Skerton. In 1939 Herbert is living in at Derby Home at the Royal Albert Hospital where he is a Nurse Attendant.

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