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Scouts concert – 6th Morecambe

Morecambe Guardian 06 December 1955


Scouts’ concert

The 6th Morecambe and Heysham Boy Scouts Parents’ Committee organized a successful variety concert in the Ambulance Hall, Middleton Road, on Wednesday evening in aid of general funds.

Taking part in a sparkling variety bill were Mr. H. Michelson, Mr. L. Henson, Mrs. V. O’Boyle, Mr. A Hirst, Mr. G Walkden, Mr. E. Bowden, members of Miss Doris Beaty’s Dancing School and the scout troop. Mr. H. Bowden and Mrs. M. Gardner where the producers.

Refreshments were served by members of the committee which included Mr. A. Jackson, secretary; Mrs. Gardner, treasurer, and Mesdames Casson, Marshall, Meys and Gardner .

The scoutmaster of the troop, Mr. W. (sic) Perryman, expressed his thanks to the artists after the show.

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