We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1150 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1150 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

4th Lancaster Wesley Troop

The “Original Eight” listed by William Thompson included:-

Herbert Stewardson Shenton born 17 September 1896 in Morecambe son of William R & Margaret J nee Stewardson.

Census 1911 living at 11 Dundee Street, Lancaster. A Wood Carvers Apprentice. Married Eva Riley 1925. In 1939 living at 38 Lynndale Avenue, Huddersfield a Motor Coach Cabinet Maker. Died 1984 in Huddersfield.

Samuel Spears born Clapham, London c. 1896.

Census 1911 living at 6 Elgin Street, Lancaster with his adoptive father John Wildman. At private school.

George Herbert Lowry born 4 Jul 1894 Upper Brighton, Cheshire son of George H & Lavinia nee Belfield

Census 1911 living at 37 Derwent Road, Lancaster. Married Margaret E M Bayley 1922. In 1939 living at Stanley Farm, Longton, Preston a Farmer (Dairy & Mixed).

Walter Butterworth  born 13 Jan 1895 Kendal son Alfred & Mary A nee Noble

Census 1911 living at 8 Yard, 97 Highgate, Kendal as a boarder, occupation Plasterer. Married Ethel Redhead 1920. In 1939 living at 5 Redvers Street, Lancaster a plasterer.

William Thompson was born 5 Dec 1895 at 37 Vincent Street, Lancaster, son of Richard Thompson & Fanny nee Wilkinson.

Census 1911 living at 1 Wellington Road, Lancaster. Father is a police sergeant, William is a fitter’s apprentice at an iron foundry. Married Mary A Hodgson 1923. In 1939 living at 74 Barton Road, Lancaster – Chief Constable Lancaster CP.

Herbert Dobson and Robert Bowker.

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4th Lancaster (Wesley) Troop - 1910
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