We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Scouting Notes

Bailrigg House

With Troop, Pack And Crew


Our rallies these days get better and better. Summer-like weather favoured the field day at Bailrigg on Saturday, when over 200 of all ranks spent an enjoyable afternoon at the kind invitation of our respected President, Sir James Travis-Clegg. He received the contingent on arrival as they marched past the residence. Sir James’ activity, unfortunately nowadays is restricted, but he was able later to come along to the field and sit and watch his visitors take part in sports of various kinds.

The Cubs  opened the event with a Grand Howl led by A.D.C. R. E. Wright, followed by a characteristic “rush-in” by the Scouts.  Then, the two units divided to run their own programmes. Competition was keen, but the rivalry
good-natured , with chocolate bars as prizes.

Shortly after 6 o’clock District Commissioner T. W. Helme voiced the thanks of all to their host and hostess, and Mr. G. R. Travis-Clegg, with Lady Travis-Clegg, having been invited into the circle of the uniformed guests, said it afforded them much pleasure to see the Scouts and Cubs and hoped they would come again. Three hearty cheers of “Bravo!” left no doubt as to what the youngsters thought about it.


A new troop is forging ahead in our midst. I refer to the “baby” – the 34th Lancaster (St. Chad’s) – whom I found the other evening making excellent progress. The Troop is a dozen strong under the leadership of the Rev. J. Fawcett and Mr. R. Kenyon. They are uniformed in blue jerseys with grey scarf, black bordered.


James Shuttleworth, of the 6th Lancaster (1st Greaves) has gained his first-class, and G. Dowbiggin of the 20th Lancaster (Friends’) the Weatherman badge. Cub Hubert Pepper of the 13th Lancaster (Baptist) Pack has won the Artist badge. Miss J.Beck, of the 23rd Lancaster (Christ Church) is now warranted A.C.M.


A plea was put forward at the Scoutmasters’ meeting at Carnforth last week (and incidentally, the 1st Carnforth) must be congratulated on the clean and tidy appearance of their newly decorated Den) for a better attendance of Scouters at the Baths on Tuesdays to assist both as instructors and supervisors. – The Swimming Committee are very enthusiastic and are doing their best. But the faithful few could do better with the co-operation of a few more Scouters. – AKELA