We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Annual Meeting Lancaster Boy Scouts’ Association 1934


Bigger Membership

“I am interested in scouting because I believe it to be an entirely non-political organisation with those ideals of good citizenship and chivalry which are of absolute benefit to the British nation,” said Sir Matthew Fell, who is to be the next County Commissioner, presiding at the annual meeting of the Lancaster Boy Scouts’ Association in the Town Hall last night.

The hon secretary (Mr. S. Ashby Neate**), reported that Scouting in the district was in a healthy condition and there was a membership all ranks of  662 as compared with 550 last year with 19 groups as against 18 last year.

One disappointing feature was a definite drop in the number of first-class certificates obtained. Referring to swimming activities Mr. Neate observed: ” We are looking forward to the day when Lancaster will provide a really up-to-date and commodious swimming bath.

The Treasurer (Mr. J. G. Swainson), reported a balance in hand on the general account of £83 15s. 7d as compared with £50 6s. 7d at the beginning of the year.

On the South Lonsdale Boy Scouts’ training fund there was a balance in hand of £19 19s. 2d., a sum of £3 15s. having been spent during the year.


Sir James Travis-Clegg was re-elected president, and the officers reappointed included: Mr. S. Ashby Neate (hon. secretary), Mr. J. G. Swainson (hon. treasurer), Mr. W. H. Satterthwaite (hon. auditor), Dr. J. A. Tomb (chairman of the executive committee), and Mr. W. Tyson (district Scout Master). Dr. Tomb and Mr. F. G. T. Adams were re-elected representatives on the Scout County  Council.

County Alderman T. W. Helme, District Commissioner, presented wood badges to the following: W. Greenwood, Mrs. Sugden, Miss Topham, W. R. Hodgson, J. Atkinson and J. Hodgson.

Captain Michaelson, of the Blakeholme Scout Camp, said the time had come when they ought to take up the matter of Sea Scout groups and patrols on the North-west coast. The present position in the county needed some improvement.

Alderman Helme deplored the lack of Rover leaders, and he emphasised the need for more huts, and headquarters for the Scout movement locally. “Surely,” he said, “there are capable men in this town who could act as Rover leaders.”


Referring to the appeal of the Chief Scout with regard to a physical fitness campaign, Alderman Helme said that was a matter of vital concern to the country as a whole. Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia and other countries were doing all they could to train their youth, and if this country did not tackle the problem they would be behind in the race of nations.

Physical fitness was a vital thing and they as Scouts ought to be prepared to take the lead.

Lancashire Daily Post 07 November 1934

** Smith Ashby Neate – Lancaster Association Secretary 1932-1937 was born 26 Dec 1877 in Bath. On 1 December 1919 records from the Teachers Registration Council show him registered as an Associate of the Royal College of Art (London) having worked as an Assistant Art Master at the School of Art in Bath from 1908/9, Art Master at Bath College 1904/09, Senior Art Master at Whitgift Middle School Croydon 1912/19, with Military service from 1915/19 (as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Labour Corps), Head of Art Dept. Technical Institute Sheerness 1919/21 and Art Master at Lancaster Royal Grammar School from 1921.

He died in 1940 in Bath.