We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Leaders sought to extend Morecambe Scout movement

Morecambe Guardian 09 May 1958:

AN appeal for young men to volunteer as scout leaders was made by Mr H. A. Price, secretary of the Morecambe and District Boy Scouts Association in the annual meeting in the Memorial Hall, Morecambe on Monday. The association he said was keen to introduce scout troops on new housing estates where it was not catered for already.

“We want young men of the right type to become leaders he said.  “We want all who have been connected with the movement in the past to join the B-P Guild of Old Scouts, even though they have little time to spare for active assistance.  We want to build up a strong body of well wishers who though unable to assist with any of the foregoings can subscribe annually to the funds of the association and further its work among the youth of the town.


The district comprised nine groups.  The 3rd disbanded but another group, the 7th has been formed and has made a promising start.  The Secretary said the total membership of scouts had dropped by 32 to 493 and a number of cubs had fallen from 304 to 297

He paid tribute to the outstanding work of the late Mrs. M. Walmsley, cub mistress of the 6th Morecambe and Heysham Group.

The treasurer, Mr. E. Kendall, reported that they started the year with a balance in the current account of £59 1s. 5d. and on headquarters account, £126 16s. 3d.  They had finished with £11.00 and 17 shillings and £7.00 in cash and are won and £47.00 zeroes shillings £11 17s. 7d. on HQ account.  The latter account had risen due to the repayment of £25 by the 11th Group.  The drop in the current account and cash was caused by the usual recurring annual expenditure and the loss of the Pageant week.  The average annual recurring expenditure was in the region of £20.  Mr. Kendall pointed out that this was made up of such items as donations for use of rooms.  The executive suggested that annual subscriptions from members be revived and with the consent of the Scouters Committee he had decided to deduct an annual subscription of 6d. per head from the Bob-a-Job money as the most convenient means of collecting the subscription.

After the meeting 100 scouts and cubs took part in the traditional campfire gathering in the Memorial Hall grounds.


Officers for the coming year are; Mr. R Blacklock, president; Mr. S. Evenden, chairman; Mr. E. Kendall treasurer; Mr. H. A. Price, Secretary; Mr. M. Melling, District Commissioner; Miss. M. Gray, District Cub Master; Mr. H. Axe, Press Secretary; Mrs. C. Buxton, badge secretary and Mr. J. Frears Tyson, auditor.