We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

The Lupton Trophy

From the Morecambe Visitor, 25 December 1940:-

Scouts’ Celebration Dinner

EXACTLY one year after their formation, the Morecambe Parish Church Troop of Boy Scouts held a celebration dinner in the National School on Wednesday. Although it was their first year they managed to carry off the Lupton Flag in competition with other troops. (continues)

Morecambe Guardian 07 February 1948:-

Sea Scouts.

Holders of the Lupton Trophy for the past three years, 4th Morecambe and Heysham Sea Scouts lost it to the 5th Morecambe at the competition at the 1st Morecambe headquarters on Friday. Based on ?? (indecipherable) and second class work five patrols from various troops in the town entered. The trophy, which takes the form of a large flag, was presented to the winners by the A.D.C. for South Lonsdale, Mr. L. Wright, who remarked that the standard of work was high. He emphasized the importance of the highway code and said the most dangerous thing on the road today was a boy on a bicycle. Troops were placed as follows 2 11th Morecambe; 3 4th Morecambe; 4 8th: 5 16th. The examining team was Mr. Frank Hayton, G.S.M. 13th Lancaster ; Mr. M. Sharpe, S.M. 13th Lancaster ; and Mr. C. Jackson, A.S.M. 13th Lancaster.

Morecambe Guardian 05 February 1949:-

5th Morecambe Troop Retain The Lupton Trophy In Scout Contest.

The 5th Morecambe Scouts retained the Lupton Trophy, when they won the competition based on general second class work held in the 1st Morecambe Headquarters, St. Laurence’s School-room on Friday last. Owing to a new ruling, however, the trophy is now to be held for only six months, being competed for twice a year. The competition will be held on second class work in the winter and camping during summer.

It was rather disappointing to see only four troops represented in the competition. They were the 5th, 11th, 4th, and 16th, placed in order of their success. This year the teams were under rigid supervision, with Mr. Sharpe and a team of examiners from Lancaster in charge. Mr. Sharpe said that the competition was well up to standard. He was not interested in the results but what the scouts themselves had learned and benefited by the work. He criticised each troop, pointed out were members had gone wrong and lost points, and hoped that it would help them for another time. For the first time cooking was included in the competition, and troops brought along their own primus stove, and with no more ado set to and prepared a tempting (in some cases) dish of porridge , and to test the quality of the meal ate it and without any ill effects! Another most realistic part of the event was the first aid and ambulance work test, when the casualty played the injured part with all sincerity, and those performing first aid soon had him ready for hospital. The team of examiners was thanked by D.S.M. Mr. Watson.

Local Association AGM held on 24th May 1951 . . .
“Secretary’s Report 1950–51. The Lupton Trophy Competition which takes the form of a camping weekend under the constant eye of 2 examiners was won by a patrol of the 16th Torrisholme Scouts. The Walker Trophy given in memory of one of our Scouters was also won by the 16th. This comp. is based on 2nd class work.”

Ernest Edward Lupton was born 01 Mar 1873 in North Bierley, Bradford.
In the 1881 Census he is living at Bierley Lane, North Bierley, Bradford.
In the 1891 Census his occupation is Elementary School Teacher.
He is living at 73 Bierley Lane Bradford, North Bierley, Yorkshire in the 1911 Census: –
“Ernest Edward Lupton Head Married Male Assistant Teacher Secondary School age 38 born 1873; Alice Lupton Wife Married Female – age 34 born 1877 Silloth, Cumberland ”

In 1939 he is living at 16 Shortlands Drive, Heysham, a Schoolmaster Retired and Widowed.

He died in 1966 in Darlington, Durham.

According to District archives the Lupton Trophy (a flag) was destroyed in a fire at Slyne Scout HQ. (ASH)