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We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

They Smiled In The Rain

Morecambe Guardian 22 July 1939:-

They Smiled In The Rain


Mayor Takes The Salute In March Past

That “a Scout smiles under all difficulties” is one of the laws of this organisation.

They carried it out on Saturday when their sports at Woodhill Lane were interrupted by pouring rain.
The sports were the fifteenth to be held annually. There are organized by the 1st Morecambe and Heysham Troop, but are open to all Morecambe, Lancaster and district troops in addition to any who are camping in the district and wish to enter.
Guides and brownies also took part.


Before the sports commenced the Mayor of Morecambe and Heysham (Coun. R. W. Williams) took the salute at a March Past.
The Mayor himself is a scout. He was initiated into the movement at the annual meeting last year when he was chairman.
Among those present were the District Commissioner (Mr. J. Dodds Drummond) and the assistant District Commissioner (Mr. F. C Wright).
The official starters were Scoutmaster C. W. Harmsworth, and the Commissioner for Lancaster cubs Mr. R. E. Wright. The secretary and entry steward was Mr. A. W. J. Antenan .
They were assisted by Messrs. W. Baxter, F Laity, J. W. Proctor and D. Galbraith.


The Brownies prizes were presented by Mrs. Wilson who commented on the value of sports. She also mentioned that she was taking the place of their president, Mrs. E. Bond, J.P., who was unable to attend owing to the ill health of her husband. 
The Mayoress (Miss. M. M. B. Williams) presenting the prizes to the scouts and guides apologised for her father who was unable to stop for the presentation. She congratulated them on the way in which they had carried out their sports.
“I believe it is one of your rules that you sing under all difficulties,” she said. ” I think you have done that this afternoon. I was struck by the prizes. At any rate in Morecambe for the next year or two, there will be no shortage of first aid kits.”

Mr. Drummond said he agreed with what the Mayoress had said.” I must congratulate you on the cheerful way you have carried them out through what were very trying conditions,” he said.

The Dr. J. W. Watterson Challenge Shield presented to the troop with the highest number of points gained on the sports field went to the 1st Morecambe Troop who had 31 points and were well ahead of their nearest rivals.


75 yards, under 14: 1. Molineaux (9th Morecambe); 2. Hawley (1st Morecambe); 3. Rogers (2nd Morecambe).
100 yards, 14- 16: 1. Lawther (4th Morecambe); 2. M. G. Harrison (13th Lancaster); 3. Dowthwaite (1st Morecambe).
120 yards obstacle race (14 and over): 1. Baxter (1st Morecambe); 2. Smith (3rd  Morecambe); 3. Taylor (1st Morecambe).
Mile: 1. Lawther (4th Morecambe); 2. Harrison (13th Lancaster).
30 yards wheelbarrow for cubs: 1. J. Altham and H. Johnson (1st Morecambe); 2. B. Lyon and G. Bland (1st Morecambe); 3. G. Clarke and J. Davey (1st Morecambe).
50 yards wheelbarrow (scouts under 14): 1. R. Lister and H. Johnson (2nd Morecambe); 2. Fletcher and Howard (23rd Lancaster); 3. Baxter and Atkinson (6th Morecambe).
440 yards, 16 and over: 1. A.C.M. Baxter (1st Morecambe); 2. A.S.M. Sunderland (1st Morecambe); 3. L. Jowett (1st Morecambe).
Tug-of-war: First Morecambe
Head balancing for cubs. 1. A. Willacy (1st Morecambe); 2. J. Altham (1st Morecambe; 3. B. Lyon (1st Morecambe).
Relay, scouts under 14: 1. 9th Morecambe; 2. 2nd Morecambe; 3. 6th Morecambe.
High jump: 1. M. G. Harrison (13th Lancaster); 2. Hodgkinson (8th Morecambe).
Team relay: (14 and over): 1. 1st Morecambe; 2. Lancaster Salvation Army.
Cycle race: 1. Houghton (4th Morecambe); 2. Agnew (8th Morecambe); 3. Halliday, Salvation Army.
Association event: 1. 1st Morecambe; 2. 1st Morecambe; 3. 3rd Morecambe.
Boat race: 1st Morecambe; 2. 3rd Morecambe.
Chariot race: 1. 1st Morecambe; 2. 3rd  Morecambe.