We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

11th Morecambe 1940

Celebration Dinner 1940

From the Morecambe Visitor, 25 December 1940


EXACTLY one year after their formation, the Morecambe Parish Church Troop of Boy Scouts held a celebration dinner in the National School on Wednesday. Although it was their first year they managed to carry off the Lupton Flag in competition with other troops.

The school was bedecked with the red and blue colours of the troop. Balloons, decorations and a Christmas tree added a further festive touch. Boy Scouts, Scout officials, and parents, totaling 100, sat down to dinner. The Parents Committee organised the function:

Among those present were the Rector (Canon A. E. Nock), Messrs. J. Dodds Drummond, District Commissioner; F. C. Wright, asst. District Commissioner; Mr. P. Hughes, chairman of the Local Scout Executive; G. S. Evenden, local Scout Secretary; K. W. Reed, Group Scoutmaster; R. Pavey, Scoutmaster; Rev H. G. Dewey, Group Chaplain; and Miss B. F. Snell, Parish Cubmaster.

Proposing the toast of “The Chief Scout,” Mr. Drummond said it was up to the younger people of the world to make a success of this world, which, the older people had failed to do.

Other toasts were ” The King,” by the Rector; ” The Parish Church,” by Mr. Reed, responded to by Mr. R. Parker, Rector’s warden; ” The Local Scout Association,” by the Rector, replied to by Mr. F. C. Wright; ” Scouts in the Forces,” by Rev. H. G. Dewey, responded to by A/c Compston, R.A.F.; ” Our Guests,” by Mr. R.. Pavey; ” Parents’ Committee,” by Miss B. F. Snell and replied to by Mrs. Holmes; ” Our Group” by Mr. P. Hughes, and responded to by P/L. Allan Gerald.

(grateful thanks to Morecambe Library for this extract)

According to District archives the Lupton Trophy was destroyed in a fire at Slyne Scout HQ.