We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Lancaster Scouts’ Swimming Gala

Lancaster Guardian 14 October 1938



Shield Won Ten Times

The Lancaster and District Boy Scouts’ Association’s annual swimming gala was held in the Cable Street Baths on Tuesday evening when the Shield was won for the fifth successive time by the 13th., Lancaster troop. Since the inception of the gala in 1926 the 13th, have won the Shield ten times in all. M. G. Harrison (13th, Lancaster) was the individual shield winner.

The Mayoress (Mrs. Greaves) presented the prizes, and there were also present the Mayor (Coun. H. Dowthwaite) and the Mayor-elect (Coun. Mrs. Musgrave Hall). A vote of thanks to the Mayoress was proposed by District Commissioner T. W. Helme and seconded by Assistant D.C. J. Dodds Drummond.

The F. G. T. Adam’s Cup for life saving was won by the 6th, Lancaster, and awards of bronze medallions from the Royal Life Saving Society were made to R. Riley (S.M., 7th, Lancaster) K. Brown, (P.L., 21st, Lancaster, J. Shuttleworth (6th, Lancaster) and W. R. Hodgson (S.M., 6th , Lancaster). The latter two also received 1st. Certificates.

Mr. J. Cole, N.C.A.S.A., was the starter, and members of the committee of the Lancaster Amateur Swimming Club acted as judges. Scoutmaster W. R. Hodgson was recorder.


One breadth cub’s race: 1, E. Bailey (7th, Lancs.), 2 K. Harrison (13th Lancs), 3 J. Atkinson (13th, Lancs.); scouts’ one length novice race: 1 H. Watts (13th, Lancs.), 2, A. Barlow (13th Lancs.), 3, G. Graveson (1st, Carnforth); scouts’ two lengths (15-17): 1 M. G. Harrison (13th, Lancs.), 2, R. McNae (21st, Lancs.), 3 K. Brown (21st, Lancs.); do., 11-14: 1 W. H. Agnew (20th, Lancs.), 2, J. Harrison (13th, Lancs.), 3 R. Wilson (13th, Lancs.); neat dive: 1 R. McNae (21st, Lancs.), 2 R. Howat (13th, Lancs.), 3 E. Brucciani (20th, Lancs.); long plunge: 1 M. G. Harrison, 2 J. Harrison, 3 K. Brown; squadron race: 1, 13th, Lancaster “A”, 2, 21st, Lancaster, 3, 20, Lancaster; dressing race: 1 R. McNae, 2, J. Harrison, 3, G. Fulton (13th, Lancs); rovers’ and scouters’ neat dive: 1 J. Nicholson (13th Lancs.), 2 E. Just (1st, Carnforth), 3 C. H. Pyke (13th, Lancs.); Rovers’ Squadron Race: 1, 13th, Lancaster, 2, 4th Lancaster.

The final results were:- 1, 13th, Lancaster (24 points), 2, 21st, Lancaster (9), 3, 20th, Lancaster (5), 4, 7th, Lancaster (3), 5, 1st, Carnforth (1).

In a polo match the 13th, Lancaster team comprising J. Nicholson, C.H. Pyke, A. Wilkinson, S. Hall, J. Harrison, M. G. Harrison, and R. Howat, defeated the Rest by five goals to two. The Rest team was composed of R. McNae (21st, Lancaster), K. Brown (21st), H. Sutton (21st), E. Brucciani (20th), W. H. Agnew (20th), J. Naylor (13th), S. Fulton (13th). M. G. Harrison scored four goals, and S. Hall, R. McNae, and K. Brown scored one each.