We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Lancaster Association 1912



The Boundaries of the South Lonsdale district of the B.P. Boy Scouts are practically the same as those of the S.L. Parliamentary Division, but the district includes Carnforth, Warton, and Yealand (Leighton Hall). So far, only one Association -Lancaster- has been formed in the district, and thus, for the present, this Associa­tion is a very large one, having all the 13 registered troops under its control.

If, however, at some future time any other place in the district -say Morecambe or Carn­forth- should develop the movement so ener­getically that the troops formed became sufficiently numerous to warrant it, that town or local group, after gaining the sanction of Head­quarters, may sever itself from the Lancaster Association, and form one of its own:

The Lancaster Association has been fortunate in gaining the consent of H. L. Storey, Esq., J.P. D.L., of Bailrigg, to become its first President, and with him are associated about forty-three gentlemen of the town and district. From these members a certain number is annually elected to work with the Scoutmasters of the district as an Executive Committee. The constitution of this Committee (together with the Scoutmasters mentioned below) is as follows:­

District Commissioner : W. Garnett, Esq., J.P., D.L., District Scoutmaster: Vacant. Chairman of Committee : W. Briggs, Esq. Hon. Secretary: Mr. R. E. Wright, 10, Spring Bank. Hon. Treasurer: Dr. George, Fenton-­street. Revs. H. A. Watson, J. H. Hastings (Halton), F. G. Tizzard, Capt. W. O. Wright (Bare) *, Chief Constable Harriss, Messrs. W. S. Peel (Melling), T. W. Helme, M.A., and R. H. Simpson.

List of Registered Troops and Scoutmasters in the district :-1st Lancaster, J. R. Erskine; 2nd Lancaster (Y.M.C.A), R. Price; 4th Lan­caster (1st Wesley), R. E. Wright and E. Dilworth ; 6th Lancaster (2nd Wesley), E. Marks; 8th Lancaster, Rev. A. S. Andrews and F. G. Pflieger ; 1st Morecambe (Sandylands), R. Bright; 3rd Morecambe, W. C. Holt ; “4th Morecambe, Rev. R. E. Stanley; 1st Halton. A. Angus; Melling Parish, T. Sedgwick and W. Wilcock; Leighton Hall, B. A. Pickett; 1st Hornby Castle, J. Richardson; 1st Carnforth, vacant.

The following gentlemen have kindly consented to act as Examiners in the subjects named :

Ambulance and Missioner, Drs. Hamilton and Hogarth (Morecambe) ; Bugler, Sergt. Holden (Morecambe) ; Carpenter, Messrs. R. Brockbank, Ridgedale, and Firth (Morecambe); Electrician, Mr. Mills ; Engineer, Messrs. Wolfendale and Lamb (Morecambe) ; Fireman, Chief Constable Harriss ; Gardener, Mr. Shand; Handyman, Messrs. Hodgson and Lamb (More­cambe) ; Leather-worker, Mr. Geo. A. Gorrill ; Marksman, Sergt. Holden (Morecambe); Master-­at-arms and Life-saver, Sergts. Kitchen and Holden (Morecambe) Musician, Messrs. Staveley and Lamb (Morecambe) ; Naturalist and Stalker, Mr. Rankin, B.Sc. ; Pathfinder, Mr. R. Price ; Photographer, Mr, R. T. Simp­son ; Plumber; Mr. Hodgson ; Poultry-farmer, Mr. J. Wilkinson ; seaman, Mr. Wannall (Morecambe) ; Signaller Mr. R. W. Aston (Bolton-le-Sands) and Sergt. Holden (More­cambe) ; Starman, Mr. Dowbiggin; Surveyor, Mr. A.G. Chant.

From R.E. Wright’s Log book.

Unknown date – 1912?

* Capt. William Oswald Wright born 26 October 1881 in Morecambe, married Florence Josephine Paton b. 15 February 1884 in Southport at Holy Trinity, Morecambe in 1909. 

In 1911 living at 72 Seaborn Road, Bare – an Architects & Surveyors Assistant. In 1939 living at 22 Meadway, Romford, then a Registered Architect LRIBA.

A captain and major in the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 1914-1920. Died locally in 1951.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Monday, February 04, 1907:
2nd V. B. the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, William Oswald Wright, gentleman, to be second lieutenant.