We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife


Mayor’s Parlour, Lancaster Town Hall



Need more financial support

LANCASTER and District Boy Scouts Association has a membership of over 800 for the first time in its history. At the same time it has a financial problem, which could be solved if the Scouts themselves were able to make a contribution to the funds, said Mr. J.E. Leake when submitting the financial statement to the annual meeting of the Association at the Town Hall on Monday.

Said Mr. Leake: “It would be better if the Scouts could make a contribution instead of always having to rely on public subscription. Our income comes from limited resources. It would be a great help if you could encourage others to subscribe. It is a great pity that at least for one year, efforts we have made could not be diverted to benefit our association.”

Balance last year was £211 18s. 1d., subscriptions totalled £19 12s. Among the items  of expenditure was £4 19s. 6d. for insurance of every Scout. Balance at the end of the year was £170 8s., a loss of £40. Balance in the training fund account is £67 7s. 1d.

The secretary, Mr. J. Gardner, reported: “A total membership of 807, against 796 last year, an increase of 11. There were 298 proficiency badges issued compared with 371 last year – a decrease of 73.


“During the ‘Bob-a-job’ week, £137  7s. 4d. was collected against £173 11s. 10d. the year before, a decrease of £36 4s. 6d.

Mr. J. Dodds Drummond the County Commissioner said: “For the first time in Lancaster there is a membership of over 800. This has been due to the fine work of the District Commissioner, Mr. Hector Todd.

“We require about £65 a year to run the Association and have an income of only £25. We want only £40 to look after 800 children and young people – which is really nothing. It seems such a small amount for a city which has such a fine sense of public service.


Officers elected were: Chairman, Dr. J.A. Tomb, M.B., Ch.B,; vice-chairman, Mr. A. Huck, O.B.E., T.D., B.Sc,; secretary, Mr. J. Gardner; treasurer, Mr. J.E. Leake; auditor, Mr. J. Moffatt; District Quartermaster, Mr. J.E. Helme; activities committee, Dr. J.A. Stevenson, Messrs. J.W. Fairfield, J.E. Leake, A.B. Corless, C. Moffatt, L. Wright and Miss W. Rainford; badge secretary, Mr. C. Moffatt; badge organiser, Mr. J. Denwood; Press correspondent, Mr. J.V. Smith; County Council representatives, Dr. J.A. Tomb and Mr. J. Parker; executive committee lay members, Dr Kay, Ald. A.B. Derrick, Messrs. D. Clift, M. Corless, J. Denwood, J.E. Helme, H.C. Nash, T.H. Porter and J.V. Smith; scouter members, Messrs. A.B. Corless, J. Hodgson, B.J. Toole, J. Halliday, J. Parker, B. Sandford, W. Rutherford, W. Tyson, G. Parker, A. Fishwick, Miss K. Atkinson and Miss S. Curwen; co-opted members, Mr. C.A. Winn (Field Commissioner) and Mrs. E.S. Smart (District Commissioner Girl Guides; warrants committee, Dr. C.V. Stevenson, Messrs. J.W. Fairfield, J.V.Smith, F. Hayton, F. Sugden, W. Tyson, D. Clift, J. Hayton, E. Whittle, Mrs. C. Moffatt and Miss E. Topham; handicapped Scouts committee, Mr. J.V. Smith and Mr. R.E. Wright; swimming committee, Messrs. M. Corless (secretary), E.W. McMullen, R. Orr, B.J. Toole, W. Rutherford and L. Todd; Sea Scouts committee, Dr. Reddrop, Messrs. R. Orr, R. Gardner, E.W. McMullen, J. Gardner, B.J. Toole and W. Rutherford.



MIDWAY through the North West Lancashire Scout Rally on Preston North End football ground on Saturday, a contingent of Scouts from Lancaster built a camp kitchen, cooked Scotch pancakes and brewed tea.

One of the Scouts, dressed in a white apron, took the snack to the official party in the director’s box. The pancakes were sampled by the Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan, County Commissioner, Mr. J. Dodds Drummond, and Lord Derby, president of the North West Lancashire Scout Council.

Congratulations on the excellence of the pancakes was expressed on Lord Rowallan’s behalf by Mr. Dodds Drummond.