We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Scouts’ Association Hopes to Acquire Adjacent Campsite

Morecambe Guardian 14 May 1949:-


MORECAMBE and Heysham Boy Scouts Association hopes to purchase or rent a campsite within 10 miles of the town. This intimation, together with the presentation of a Merit Medal to Group Scout Master Fred Driver, of the 4th Morecambe and Heysham Sea Scouts, were highlights at the annual meeting of the Association in Green Street School on Monday night, when the Association’s chairman, Mr. F. O. Ames *, presided.

A local Scouting boom was reported. There is a record membership of 424, representing an increase of 24 per cent, on the previous year.

County Commissioner J. Dodds Drummond, of Lancaster, said that a few years ago he had remarked that Morecambe was letting Scouting down. That was not so now. ” You are doing splendidly. There is a great future for scouting in Morecambe,” he declared.

Mr. F O. Ames said it was not long ago since they thought they would have to wind up Scouting in Morecambe. The great difference between Scouting and other youth movements, he said, was that Scouts were expected to do something instead of having it done for them.


Medal of merit, a rare award, was presented to Group Scoutmaster Fred Driver, of the 4th Morecambe Sea scouts, in recognition of his services to the movement. He has been Group Scoutmaster for several years. He joined the troop as Assistant Scoutmaster in 1930. Presenting the award to Mr. Driver, Commissioner Dodds Drummond said the number of Scouters awarded the medal in this area could be counted on the fingers of one hand. He also presented Mr. Driver with a vellum certificate signed by Sir Percy Everett for the Chief Scout. He added that he considered the Scouts in their recent bob-a-job week had equalled any other effort in the country.

G.S.M. Driver suggested more should be done for the handicapped Scouts. Already they had three of these in the local movement and a committee had been formed for the purpose of recruiting others.

Mr. M. Melling, secretary, reported that groups had increased from eight to nine and there are nine cub packs and eight scout troops. Cubs numbered 170, a slight increase, and Scouts had increased from 169 to 213. Scouts over 15 years had doubled in number. First-class badges rose from six to 11. Two boys, Frank Morphet and Roy Anderson, both of 4th Morecambe, gained the King’s Scout Badge. Scouters increased from 25 to 32. He thanked the Scouters for their work in connection with the various troops and also the Scouters’ wives. He also thanked the Badge Secretary, Mrs. Wrigley, who had issued something like 2000 items this year. He also thanked the Divisional Education Executive for their help in finding field accommodation.

Mr. R. W. Lomas, treasurer, said they began the year with £28 4s.10d., and ended with £29 4s. 4¾ d. This slight increase was due entirely to the contributions made by the 4th, 5th, and 11th troops. Subscriptions were only £4 compared with £15, and the Headquarters account balance was £260.

Warrants were awarded to Miss Doreen Grimshaw, Assistant Cubmaster of the 8th, and Miss Jean Nowell, Assistant Cubmaster of the 4th.

Officers elected were: President, Mr. R. Blacklock; chairman, Mr. F. O. Ames; vice chairman, Mr. G. S.Evenden; treasurer, Mr. R. W. Lomas; secretary, Mr. M. Melling; badge secretary, Mrs. Wrigley; District Cubmaster, Miss Gray; District Scoutmaster, Mr. S. Watson; auditor, Mr. J. Frears Tyson.

Executive Committee: Mesdames Walker, Ward, F. Ratcliffe, Dalley, Beach, Short, Birkett, M. Lamb, Beckett, Mr. and Mrs. B. Carr, Messrs. Muir, F. Beeston, Howarth, Fred Woods, Price, Harmsworth, F. Driver, G. Colwill, A. Gordon, D. Chitty, H. S. Smith, J. Dobson, C. Lister, Rev. S. M. L. Davies, and L. Stewart Bruce.

Warrants committee: Messrs. Ames, Watson, Melling, and Miss Gray. Sea Scouts Committee: Messrs. Martin Allen, Walter Bell, Ames, L. Melling, F. Driver, H. B. Gardner, H. Priestley, R. Dugdale, Chitty, and Captain E. P. Nurse.

Finance committee: Messrs. Ames, Melling, Lomas and Assistant District Commissioner S. W. Catterall.

Handicapped Scouts Committee: District Scoutmaster Watson, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Dalley. County Scout Council representatives: Messrs. Ames, Watson and Melling.

* Frank Oswald Ames was born 28 July 1897 in Wrexham, Denbigh.

In 1911 he is living at 32 Park Avenue Blackburn.

Records show that he served on Vivid as an ordinary seaman J 58859 from 19 Sept. 1916 to 12 Nov 1916 when he was transferred to the Special Trawler Reserve, Royal Naval Reserve. His height is shown as 5 Ft. 11 In., Chest 36 In., Bwn hair, Hazel eyes.

In 1939 he is living with wife Doris nee Lund, who coincidentally had the exact same birthday, and children Mary D and Derek Michael at 19 Morecambe Road, Morecambe, a Bank Accountant

Frank died in 1960.