We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Annual Meeting of Lancaster District Association

Morecambe Guardian 20 December 1924:


Annual Meeting of Lancaster District Association

The fourteenth annual meeting of Lancaster Boy Scouts’ Association was held at the YMCA, on Friday, when the District Commissioner (Ald. W. Briggs) presided, supported by the Assistant D.C.M. Mr. T. W. Helme, Messrs. F. G. Adams, E. S. Bayley, and the Scout Officers.

The Secretary (Mr. J. Bishop) reported that according to returns sent in by Scoutmasters for transmission to headquarters on September 30th, the Lancaster Association possesses: 13 Warrant Officers, 163 Scouts’; 12 Wolf Cubs, making a total of 188 all ranks.  Comparing these figures with last year, they show a satisfactory increase of 16 all ranks.

Unfortunately two Troops had to be disbanded, the 1st Galgate and the 1st Warton; the former owing to the resignation of the two officers, and the inability of the Association to obtain suitable successors; the latter through lack of interest.  Two new Troops have been registered.  They are the 12th Lancaster and the 1st Morecambe (St. Barnabas), and in connection with the latter a Wolf Cub pack has been registered.

Strength of troops.  

The Troop returns are as follows: – 
4th (Wesley) 5 Officers 25 Scouts 30 Tot.
5th (St. Peter’s) 3 Officers  16 Scouts 19 Tot.
7th (Par. Church) 0 Officers 50 Scouts 50 Tot.
11th (Bulk Miss’n) 2 Officers 33 Scouts 35 Tot.
12th (St.George’s) 2 Officers 27 Scouts 29 Tot.
1st Morecambe (St. Barnabas’s) 1 Officer 12 Scouts 25 Tot.

Including 12 wolf cubs the 5th Troop (St. Peter’s) is still struggling along, in spite of the great handicap, that they have not as yet been able to get a Scout Room.

 The badges gained are as follows: – carpenter 2: cook 2, cyclist 2, Gardiner 4, leather worker 2, missioner 11, naturalist 3, rescue or 2, signal or 1, handyman 3, metal worker 1, swimmer 2, firemen 28, total 63.  In addition to the above, one gold cords and one green and yellow cords were gained.  The badges gained by the various troops are as follows: – 4th Lancaster – Carpenter 1, cook 2, cyclist 1, Gardiner 3, missioner 11, naturalist 3, rescuer 2, signal a and 1, handyman 3, swimmer 2, firemen 11, one gold cords and one green and yellow cords, total 40.  7th Lancaster – carpenter 1, metal worker 1, firemen 7, total 9.  11th Lancaster – cyclist 1, at Gardner 1, leather worker 2, firemen 8, total 12.  12th Lancaster – firemen 2.

There is a slight increase in the number of badges gained.  The fire drill class was held during the winter months as usual, and was well attended. The grateful thanks of the association are due to Mr. Cass, who has so willingly given his time and taken such great care in training the Scouts.

The weekly swimming classes were held during the summer months, and were much appreciated, the attendance being much better than last year.

In June the Association received an invitation from the Sedbergh town troop to visit them, with the object of giving a display in connection with the opening of their new hut, and in order to stimulate interest in the practical side of Scouting, and generally to help on the movement.

The report was adopted and the treasurer’s report which showed a small balance in hand.


Mr. H. L. Storey was re-elected president, and Mr. T. W. Helme chairman. Other appointments: District Scoutmaster Mr. R. E. Helme; assistant district scoutmaster Mr. R. E. Wright; secretary Mr. J Bishop; treasurer Mr. E. S. Bayley; badge secretary Mr. T. D. Wright; executive committee, the above officials, Rev. J. U. N. Bardsley, Capt. Hoyle, Mr. F. G. Adams, and all warrant officers.