We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1150 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1150 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

History of the Lancaster Boy Scouts’ Association

By R.E. Wright A.D.C. (Hon.).

The highlight of 1930 was the N.W.Lancs. County Rally held at Blackpool in June, with the Chief Scout, B.P. in attendance. According to records, 250 Scouts from the Lancaster Association camped for the week-end and 70 Wolf Cubs attended on the Saturday afternoon. The Lancaster Scouts took part in a Display with a Cowboys and Indians stunt aided by the famous theatre horses designed by the late Mr. F. G .T. ADAMS.

1930 was also a year of great activity and the annual returns showed a total of 581 comprising of 44 Scouters, 40 Rover Scouts, 335 Scouts, 20 Sea Scouts and 142 Wolf Cubs. The Blakeholme Training Camp was in full swing and Captain MICHAELSON held a Preliminary Training Course in Lancaster for Scouters.

In 1930 also the 4th Lancaster Group celebrated their 21st birthday and their Rover Den at Apple House was in constant use, having first been occupied in 1929. Dr. G.M.KAY was elected Association Secretary and MR.W.TYSON became D.S.M. with MR.MARSHALL D.C.M. We note that A.C.M. MISS M.CLARK (now MRS. DAVIES) was granted a warrant and thus was she started on her long and meritorious career for Lancaster cubbing.

In October the Morecambe and Heysham Association was formed and the following groups were transferred from the Lancaster Association:-

1st, 2nd (Sea Scouts), 4th & 6th Morecambe and 1st Sandylands.

The usual St. George’s Day indoor campfire was held in the Police Parade Room under the direction of the District Scoutmaster MR.W.TYSON.

In 1931 a District Camp was held at Whitsuntide at Dalton Hall, Burton.

In November of that year Lancaster was favoured with a visit from the Chief Scout’s Commissioner, LORD HAMPTON D.S.O. The Ashton Hall was packed with Scouts and friends to hear Lord Hampton speak and to watch a varied programme presented by Scouts and Cubs of Lancaster and Morecambe.

The most popular items were, a sketch by the Morecambe Scouts entitled “Prehistoric Scouting” in which a dinosaur took part! and “The Slocum Fire Brigade” by the Lancaster Scouts in which the famous “Adams” horses took a prominent part. In this sketch MR.W.TYSON gave an unforgettable rendering of an irate farmer whose cows were burning. The display closed with a campfire scene led by CAPTAIN MICHAELSON (Deputy Camp Chief) and D.S.M. W. TYSON.

In 1931 DR.J.A.TOMB was elected as Chairman of the Executive Committee.

In this year also our present Badge Secretary, MR.T.C.MOFFATT received his warrant as A.C.M., as also did MR.B.J.TOOLE now G.S.M. of the 5th Lancaster.

1932 – In presenting his annual report, the Honorary Secretary, DR.G.M.KAY stated that Captain MICHAELSON assisted by MISS MICHAELSON had held a Preliminary District Cubmasters’ Training Course which was greatly appreciated and well attended. MESSRS. R.E.WRIGHT and W.TYSON also ran a very successful Scoutmasters’ Training Course culminating in a camp at Halton. 12 certificates were awarded.

St. George’s Day 1932 was celebrated in a new way. The recently formed Group at Nether Kellet held a Sports Day and district camp, which was most successful. This was followed in the evening by a gathering and a Scout’s Own on Sunday conducted by DR.HENDERSON, the Chief Scout’s Commissioner.

The District Rovers attended two special week-ends – one to a competition for the Hiking Shield and the other to a camp at Quernmore.

The County Rover Moot at Salmesbury Hall was well attended by Lancaster Rovers.

Scoutarian, February 1959

B-P at Blackpool
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