We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Secretary on the Need for Instructors

Lancaster Guardian, 27 October, 1923


Secretary on the Need for Instructors

The annual meeting of the Boy Scouts Association was held at the Town Hall, Lancaster, on Friday, when the Mayor (Ald. J. E. Oglethorpe) presided, supported by The Vicar (the Rev. J. U. N. Bardsley), and Mr. T. W. Helme, J.P.


The Secretary (Mr. B. Leo. Horner) reported that according to returns sent in on September 30th the Association possessed 14 officers, 22 scouts, 8 rovers and 12 cubs, and in addition there were five other ranks not shown on the troop returns. Comparing the figures with last year there was a decrease of 20. The decrease was largely due to the fact that the 10th Dallas-road Troop had not re-registered. Badge work had been poor owing to the lack of  instruction, and only 58 badges had been gained this year as compared with 123 last. The Fourth Troop had gained 23, the Eleventh 13, the Fifth 10, the Seventh four, and the 1st Galgate three.

Instructors Wanted.

In addition there had been one King Scout, two red cords, and one first-class all in the fourth troop. The crying need in the association at present was for instructors and assistant scoutmasters.


The treasurer’s report showed an income of £17 12s. 5d., and a balance on the year’s working of £9 12s. 1d., which was slightly better than last year. The report and balance sheet were adopted.

Officers Elected.

Mr. H. L. Storey was re-elected president and Mr. T. W. Helme chairman. Other appointments: District scoutmaster, Mr. R. E. Helme; assistant district scoutmaster, Mr. R. E. Wright; secretary, Mr. B. Leo. Horner; assist. secretary, Mr. J. Bishop; treasurer, Mr. E. S. Bayley; badge secretary, Mr. T. D. Wright. The Executive Committee consists of the Chief Constable, scoutmasters, warrant officers, chairman, and secretary, with power to co-opt.

Armistice Day.

The Secretary read a letter from the British Legion asking for their co-operation in the Armistice Day celebrations, and it was decided to have a muster on that day. The Rev. E. Shufflebottom raised the possibility of a monthly muster or rally during the summer, and the suggestion will be considered by the executive. The Vicar extended an invitation to the association to visit the Vicarage next summer.

A letter of thanks was sent to Mr. J. Cole for his help in the swimming classes. The Mayor, responding to thanks, said he had always sympathised with the Scout movement. It was a splendid training for boys.