We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Two new Scout groups in Morecambe.

Morecambe Guardian 13 May 1960:

MORECAMBE’S Scout and Wolf Club membership fell by 10 in the last 12 months, but two new scout groups have been formed, it was reported at the annual meeting of the Morecambe and Heysham Boy Scouts Association in the Parish Church Memorial Hall on Thursday evening of last week.

The secretary, Mr. H. A. Price, told the meeting, presided over by the Association’s chairman, Mr. G. S. Evenden, that the census showed that the membership had been maintained during the year but although there appeared to be a decrease in some sections, others showed an increase. The groups forming the Association remained at 9, but there were two new groups, the 3rd and the 9th, waiting registration. Their numbers had not been included in the census figures.

The total registered comprised 229 Cubs against 246 the previous year, 211 Scouts against 197, 39 senior Scouts against 27, 29 first class Scouts against 20, 53 second class Scouts against 75, two Queen’s Scouts against one, and 35 Scouters against 38.


The committee had agreed in principle with the Lancaster Association buying the camping site at Littledale. Morecambe would still search for a site of their own nearer home. The Association had become a participating member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

The treasurer’s report showed an increase in the credit balance of £2 from £28 to £30. The only two sources of income for the Association were the vice presidents’ subscriptions and patrons donations and a share of the Bob-a-Job week. Subscriptions amounted to £23 and the income from the Bob-a-Job week was £303.16s 7d, of which £44 8s.. went to headquarters, £11 to the Association and £248 to the groups.

Officials elected were: chairman, Mr. G. S. Evenden; Vice chairman, Mr. F. Woods; Secretary, Mr. H. A. Price; Treasurer, Mr. G. Woffenden; Badge secretary, Mrs. C. Buxton; Press secretary, Mr. R. Priestley; Executive Committee, lay members, Rev. C. G. Yates, Rev. T. Beardsall, Messrs W. Quarmby, A. Abley, E. Fay, J. Jolly, E. Morrell, S. Smith, E. Lowe; group representatives, 1st. J. K. Halden, 2nd A. Mortimer, 4th J. Nanson, 5th A. Sawley, 6th N. Perryman, 7th Rev. A. S. Else, 11th C. Willman, 13th F. Middlebrook, 16th Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks, 7th Miss M. J. Price, 4th Mrs. Morrison; Sea Scouts committee.: chairman and secretary, Capt. A. E. Willmot, Capt. E. T.  Clark, Mr. R. Davis and Mr. F. Driver; Co, opted members of the executive: Mr H Howarth (Toc H), Mrs. Stockwell (Girl Guides).

In a talk on “Scouting Far and Near”, the Field Commissioner, Mr. H. Dahl, who formerly served overseas, referred to the position in South Africa and said the colour problem could not to be broken down in five minutes, but it was being broken down by the ideals which they had in Scouting.