We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Week of scouting activities

Lancaster Guardian 31 May 1946:-


Cathedral Troop Win Championship



DESIGNED to demonstrate to the public the diversities of Scout training, the Lancaster and District Boy Scouts’ association inaugurated on Monday evening an ambitious programme covering a full week’s activities.

An interesting and instructive display was given in which all the participants acquitted themselves well, obviously gave pleasure to the large body of spectators who filled the stands, as was evidenced by the applause at the finale and march past, when the Mayor of Lancaster (Coun. G. H. Blatchford) took the salute.

There was something to suit all tastes. The men doubtless found much to admire in the splendid gymnastic exhibition of the 20th Lancaster (Friends’) Senior Scouts, aged 15 – 17, and the “P.T.” games display by the younger brothers of the same troop.


Feminine interest was evoked by the camp-fire kitchen activities of the 16th Lancaster (St. Paul’s), and the display of the Cub Packs. The children present found excitement in watching the rockets fired by the Sea Scouts, and in the incident of the old man who was attacked and man-handled by two ruffians in no uncertain fashion as the introduction of a Scout good turn and first aid display of the 4th Lancaster. The erection of a signaling tower of scout staves by the 20th Lancaster, on top of which perched a member of the troop, with a banana, was the envy of all.

The display opened with a characteristic “rush-inn” by the Scouts from the four corners of the arena for the flag break and salute taken by District Commissioner J. Dodds Drummond, in the unavoidable absence of County Commissioner T. W. Helme. This was followed by the Lancaster yell. The troops then took up position and in addition to the items already mentioned, tents were pitched by the 13th, 24th and 27th Lancasters, who also demonstrated signalling, and various other troop activities.

Next came the Cubs. They entered the arena led by District Cubmaster Mrs. M. Davies, voiced the Grand Howl before Assistant District Commissioner R.E. Wright, and proceeded to let off steam in a series of relay games based on star tests, and in dances from Kipling’s Jungle Book. Eight packs, the 4th, 5th, 16th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 24th and 27th, co-operated in this display.


A racy commentary over the loud-speakers, introducing the Scout and Cub units and their items was given by the District Commissioner and was much appreciated.

“HMS WRECK” in dire distress, gave the 5th and 21st Lancaster Sea Scouts an opportunity to bring their work before the public eye. Stations 1 and 2 by rocket, telephone, Morse, lamp and flag signals kept the ship in touch with directional harbour instructions, until, on its becoming a total wreck, the coastguard station who had been kept warned of the happenings were able to effect a rescue of the crew.

There was an impressive finale when the Scouts and Cubs, with colour parties leading, marched past the Mayor and took position in front of the stands. “Taps” – “Day is done . . . Gone the sun . . . Falls the night”  was sung by Scoutmaster C.H. Pyke and the Union Jack was lowered. The display then concluded with the National Anthem, and the corners were dipped in salute.

Major B. H. Withers, O.B.E., District Commissioner, Garstang, was in charge of the field events and the commentary on the Sea Scout display was given by Group Scoutmaster J. Hodgson. An information tent bureau on Scouting was busy with enquiries throughout the evening.


Brought forward this year – it is usually held in the autumn following the swimming season, in order to fit in with the Scout Week – the Scout’s swimming gala was a feature at Kingsway baths on Tuesday evening. A large attendance of scouts and cubs of all ages, along with many grown-ups filled the baths to capacity and some excellent swimming was seen. In some of the events, heats particularly, victory was obtained by the touch only, the boys showing remarkable keenness, encouraged by the support accorded to them by followers from their respective troops.

The Troops Championship Shield was won for the first time by 5th Lancaster (Cathedral), who hold the title of 82nd Admiralty Unit, being a Sea Scout troop. They won the championship from 20th Lancaster (Friends’ School), who have held the shield for three years in succession. The 5th gained 24 points, 3rd Lancaster being second with 19 points and 13th Lancaster third with five points.

The individual championship shield was won by P. Keenan, of the 5th Lancaster troop by winning the two lengths Scout championship of Lancaster.


Largest round of applause of the evening came for two young cubs, no taller than four feet, who competed against boys who, though they were in the same age group, were much bigger in stature. The smaller of the two, D Humphage, 21st Lancaster, won the cubs neat dive competition, whilst the other P. G. Thompson, 3rd Lancaster, was competing in the cub championship one length. He had barely reached half-way when the other two competitors completed the length. Though he seemed almost exhausted he struggled manfully on until he reached the end of the course and earned third place.

Afterwards the two shields were presented by County Commissioner T. W. Helme and a vote of thanks was proposed to him by Dr. J. A Tomb, chairman of the Lancaster Association. Amongst others present were District Commissioner J. Dodds Drummond, Assistant Commissioner R. E. Wright, Mr. F. G. T. Adams, chairman of the Swimming Committee, and Sammy Cook, holder of the Cornwell Scout Badge (the Scouts V.C. for bravery in illness, who watched the events from his wheelchair and in scout uniform.

During the evening an accomplished exhibition of diving was given by the following members of the Lancaster Swimming Club: R. Rayner, K. Harrison, K. Barrow, D. S. Wood and J.  Morre. Lancaster “A” and “B” teams gave an exhibition polo match.


The following were the detailed results : Cubs championship, 1, J. Woods, 23rd ; 2 , J Gill, 23rd ; 3. P. G. Thompson, 3rd. Neat dive for cubs: 1. D.Humphage, 21st; 2. J. Woods, 23rd; 3. J.R. Hilton , 3rd. Scouts’ championship: 1. T. Keenan, 5th; 2. Wilson; 3 P. Page, 5th. Scouts back stroke: 1. G. S. W Rawbotham, 3rd; 2. J. A. Bennett, 3rd; 3. M Duerden, 3rd. Scouts’ race ages 11 and 12, one length : 1. Rawbotham ; 2. J. Howard , 5th; 3. T. Keenan. Ditto. 15 and over : 1. P. Keenan ; 2. J. Goodwin, 27th Lancaster; 3. G. B. Wilson, 3rd. Ditto.13 to 14: 1. B. Marsh, 13th ; 2. P. Page, 5th; 3.B. Barnes, 5th Back stroke race, 15 and over: 1. G. Fraser, 20th ; 2. E. Ellershaw, 13th; 3. G. B Wilson, 3rd. Ditto. 13 to 14: 1. Grave, 3rd; 2. S. Mountain, 5th; 3. D. Savage, 20th. Scouts’ Squadron race : 1. 5th Lancaster; 2. 3rd Lancaster; 3. 20th Lancaster.


The Mayor of Lancaster (Councillor G. H. Blatchford), helped the Lancaster and District Scouts’ Association in a propaganda campaign in rural districts surrounding the city on Wednesday night. With Dr. J. A. Tomb, chairman of the local executive, he helped to convoy the 20th Lancaster troop to Hest Bank and Halton. Other troops were at Galgate and Glasson Dock. The scouts had the assistance of loud speaker cars and commentators.

The Cubs gave a demonstration at the Sulyard Street Methodist Church Hall last evening, when Mrs. B. Melville Smith, Wolf Cub Secretary, of Imperial Headquarters, was present.

A whist drive and dance tonight, with a sports meeting tomorrow afternoon, complete the events of the week.