We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife
We provide fun, challenge and adventure to over 1400 young people in North Lancashire – #SkillsForLife

Scouting thrives in city and district

Morecambe Guardian 17 May 1957:-

Scouting thrives in city and district

AN increase in membership by more than 20 per cent, the formation of additional Scout groups in the rural areas and the revival of other groups which had been almost extinct were instanced as examples of the progress being made in Scouting by Mr. G. C. Miller, secretary, at the annual meeting of the Lancaster and District Boy Scouts Association in the Town Hall, Lancaster on Wednesday.

The County Commissioner Mr. J. Dodds Drummond called for a greater emphasis on patrol scouting and a return, in the jubilee year, to the kind of Scouting which their founder – Robert Baden Powell – had intended.


Scouting today, he said, was not like it was in the old pioneer days, when the emphasis was all on the patrol. This year they must endeavour to emphasise patrol scouting – “Baden Powell Scouting” -and patrol good deeds. A challenge had been issued to Scouts throughout the county and pennants were awarded to patrols who gained the required number of marks in patrol tests and activities. More than a hundred had accepted the challenge, so far, there had been no response from Lancaster. This was disappointing and he hoped that this year patrols would take up the challenge which he was again issuing.

Elsewhere patrols had dens of their own, and he urged patrol leaders to try and find a place of their own – either their own premises, or somebody’s house.

He congratulated them on their splendid report for the year. Quantity without quality was of little value but in Lancaster they appeared to have both.


The secretary recalled that last year he had ventured the opinion that they had a firm base on which to climb to greater heights and that in this Jubilee year they would be able to report more progress. Those hopes had now become solid facts. Their numbers had increased more than one fifth – the number of Cubs, Scouts, Senior Scouts, Rovers and Scouters now totalling 890 against 719 last year. These figures did not include two groups in the process of formation at Abbeystead and Cockerham. He drew particular attention to the Carnforth group, which at the last census had been in a state of almost total disaster. Now thanks entirely to Mr. George Parkin who took over the group as skipper, it was an active troop and Cub pack with 51 members.

The past year had shown a very marked increase in the issue of badges in all sections, and an increasing variety of proficiency badges had been awarded. In swimming too there was success to report, and cub football had had a very good season.

Lancastrians had supported the bob-a-job week this year to the extent of £280, which he thought was a record. The greater amount of this went to support the movement locally, only £89 being sent to Imperial Headquarters.

The treasurer, Mr. J. Young said because of the increase in numbers, funds had necessarily been depleted. There was a drop of £45 17s 7d in the closing balance. They now had a balance of £175 in hand. The training account stood at £68 10s 1d.

Mr. Hector Todd, the District Commissioner, congratulated members on their progress during the past year.

The Deputy Mayor (Coun. G. M. Kay) who presided, said the Boy Scout movement was one of the best organisations which existed for youth.

Medals of merit were presented to two assistant district commissioners, Miss Julia Beck for her work for Cubbing, and Mr. Maurice Sharpe for his work for Scouting. A wood badge was awarded to Mr. John Clarke.

At the beginning of the meeting, members stood in silent tribute to the late Alderman A. P. Derrick who had been a member of the Executive Committee.


Officials elected were: Chairman, Dr. J. A. Tomb; vice-chairman, A. Huck; hon. sec., G. C. Miller; hon treas., J. Young; hon auditor, J. Moffatt; district quartermaster, J. E. Helme; badge secretary, C. Moffatt; Press correspondent, J. V. Smith. Executive committee: lay members – Miss Topham, Messrs. F. Bailey, D. Clift, M. Corless, J .E. Helme, Dr. G. M. Kay, C. B. Mann, A. Parkinson, T. H. Porter, J. V. Smith, M. H. Sharpe . Scouter members – Miss Kitchener, Miss D. Stephenson, Messrs. R. Ackerman, J. Gardner, F. Hayton, M. G. Hinton, E. Lowe, H. Roper, B. D. Sandford, W. Tyson, J. Walsh, D. Parsonage. Co-opted members – C. A. Winn, Field Commissioner; Mrs. E. Smart, District Commissioner (Girl Guides). Warrants Sub-Committee – Mrs. C. Moffatt, Mrs. T. Compston, Miss. E Topham, Messrs. D. Clift, F. Hayton, T. Compston, J. V. Smith, J. Bishop, M. H. Sharpe. Activities sub-committee – Dr. J. A. Tomb, Messrs. A. Huck, T. C. Moffatt, with power to co-opt. County Scout Council Representatives – Dr. J. A. Tomb, Messrs. A. Huck, M. G. Hinton. Swimming sub-committee – Messrs. C. Morris, M. Corless, L. Todd, B. J. Toole with power to co-opt. Sea Scout sub-committee – Dr. J. Reddrop, Messrs. R. Orr, R. Gardner, E. W. McMullen, J. Gardner, B. J. Toole. Finance sub-committee – Dr. J. A. Tomb, Messrs. A. Huck, C. Moffatt, J Young.